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Blessings for Shabbat

Erev Shabbat - Friday Night
Blessing Over the Candles Light the Shabbat Candles then recite the blessing. Birkon p. 3 | Mishkan T'filah p.120  PRINTABLE VERSION Download audio DOWNLOAD AUDIO or LISTEN BELOW

Torah Study

1 On the eighth day Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the elders of Israel.
He said to Aaron: "Take a calf of the herd for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering, without blemish, and bring them before the Lord. 3 And speak to the Israelites, saying: Take a he-goat for a sin offering; a calf and a lamb, yearlings without blemish, for a burnt offering; 4 and an ox and a ram for an offering of well-being to sacrifice before the Lord; and a meal offering with oil mixed in. For today the Lord will appear to you."

II Samuel 6:1–7:17

Chapter 6
1 David again assembled all the picked men of Israel, thirty thousand strong. 2 Then David and all the troops that were with him set out from Baalim of Judah to bring up from there the Ark of God to which the Name was attached, the name Lord of Hosts Enthroned on the Cherubim.

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