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Day In Jewish History

Today June 19 . 2010 

Tammuz 7 

In 1938, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated a conference at Evian, France, where 32 world leaders discussed the problem of Jewish refugees. Unfortunately, little was accomplished, as nation after nation offered excuses for their refusal to accept Jewish refugees. Chaim Weizmann was quoted as saying: "The world seemed to be divided into two parts -- those places where the Jews could not live, and those where they could not enter." The conference failed to pass even a resolution condemning German treatment of Jews. The lack of action further emboldened Hitler, proving to him that no country had the moral fortitude to oppose the Nazi assault on European Jewry

Day In Jewish history
June 19 . 1933

Cardinal Pacelli issues a concordant known as the Hitler concordant .
Hitler described it as " Unrestricted Acceptance of National  Socialism by the Vatican. "
Cardinal Pacelli later became Pope Pius XII

I got Tefilin!

Susan Halimi / England

Photo: Gil Yohanan
Women's group seeks female director for Rabbinic Court Administration
Kolech, the Jewish Woman's Voice organization, has approached Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman and urged him to appoint a woman director for the Rabbinic Court ...
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Ari Galahar(09:15 , 06.19.10 )
Reproduction photo: Hagai Aharon
Mumbai Chabad center gets new rabbi
An Israeli couple will take charge of Mumbai's Chabad House, a Jewish community center that has been without a permanent rabbi since the previous leader was killed in the ...
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AP and Aviel Magnezi(14:02 , 06.18.10 )
Photo: AP
Poll: Jewish groups should back Israeli policy
A majority of Jewish residents of Israel (54%) believe that Jewish organizations that advocate for Israel with foreign governments and call themselves “pro-Israel” should ...
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Ynetnews(07:51 , 06.18.10 )
Photo: AFP
Over 1,000 attend Israel Planning Expo in NYC
Over 1,000 people attended the Jewish Agency’s Israel Planning Expo in New York City on Sunday, a record turnout for such an event, in anticipation of a record high year ...
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Ynetnews(13:42 , 06.17.10 )
Injured IDF soldiers on cruise with US Jews
NEW YORK - Dozens of young men and women from the New York Jewish community held a cruise in honor of the IDF soldiers injured in the Second Lebanon War and Operation ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(15:48 , 06.16.10 )
Rabbi: Seculars' raison d'etre sustaining yeshiva boys
Leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis slammed a High Court of Justice ruling revoking income support allowances for married yeshiva students. Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, ...
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Ari Galahar(07:58 , 06.16.10 )
Photo: Noam Moskowitz
Court to Emmanuel parents: Obey ruling or go to jail
At the end of a tumultuous court session, High Court justices ruled Tuesday that any parent of school children in Emmanuel who does not abide by the court ruling to end ...
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Aviad Glickman(20:37 , 06.15.10 )
Photo: AP
Exhibition on Krakow under Nazis opens in Poland
A new exhibition recounting the fate of Poles — both Jews and non-Jews — during World War II opened in southern Poland on Friday at the former factory used by Oskar ...
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Associated Press(15:22 , 06.15.10 )
Photo: Hadar Shtull
'Grandma Spray' and her war on swastikas
BERLIN – On a routine workday in 1986, a German woman in her 40s was waiting at the bus station next to her home in Wannsee, the famous lake in southwestern Berlin. As ...
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Dor Glick(07:51 , 06.15.10 )
Photo: AP
Train retraces route of 1st Auschwitz convoy
Exactly 70 years after Nazi German troops packed them into train cars, a handful of Auschwitz survivors gathered Monday to commemorate the first ever rail convoy to the ...
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AFP(13:45 , 06.14.10 )
Photo: Yotam Frum
Sharansky, US rabbis discuss conversion bill
The leaders of the Conservative and Reform religious movements in North American Jewry met Tuesday with Jewish Agency for Israel Chairman Natan Sharansky at a meeting ...
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Ynetnews(08:15 , 06.14.10 )
Photo: Gil Nechushtan
Her 100 children
It was a particularly emotional meeting. Some 50 Holocaust survivors, all part of Lena Kuchler's "hundred children," convened Wednesday in order to mark the author's ...
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Goel Beno(07:53 , 06.13.10 )
Photo: AFP
Jewish group launches Iran campaign
Marking the first anniversary of Iran’s disputed election, the American Jewish Committee on Tuesday launched a major online advocacy campaign to demand that the United ...
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Ynetnews(12:28 , 06.12.10 )
Photo courtesy of Rabbinical Assembly
Conservative female rabbi slams 'religious coercion'
Men occupy the senior positions of almost all religious organizations. Men dominate the executive positions in the most recognized religions – certainly the monotheistic ...
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Tzofia Hirshfeld(13:29 , 06.11.10 )
Photo: Han Janssen
Bikers shout ‘Heil Hitler’ during Shoah memorial
Passing motorcyclists shouted "Heil Hitler’" during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony in Holland earlier this week. The ceremony, held at the former children’s ...
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 Susan Halimy / England

Our arrogance will kill us in the end
Humans live most of their lives in denial of their limitations. Arrogance and stupidity cause us to make catastrophic miscalculations, such as Iran's race to nuclear weapons and Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill,
 Rabbi Levi Brackman says

Photo: Henry Jabobs





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