Poll: Israeli CEOs a happy bunch

Officer serving in minority unit admits to
 taking advantage of Palestinian woman,
committing indecent acts against her and 
ordering her to leave her husband

US drone reportedly kills al-Qaeda leader

Death to baby killers
Amjad Awad, the Palestinian freedom
 fighter who confessed to
in Itamar, declared earlier this week that he 
will not regret his acts even if he’s
sentenced to death      
 . Had I been the prosecutor, I would try
 to put this statement to the test.
 Son 4 years old                                                     Son 3 months old


Mother Rut                                                             
 Son 11 years old

Aticle: Hagai Segal                                            Father Udi 
 Fogel Family Home After The 
 Barbaric Palestinian Attack

Who do the territories belong to? 
video in English subtitle

US drone reportedly kills al-Qaeda leader

Jews fight Scottish boycott 
Osama bin Laden will continue

Iran : ' Capitalism bad for environment

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