December 15th, 1647,
Portugal / burned alive at age 21 when he
 refused to accept christianity!

Was burned at the stake in Lisbon. Originally born in France, where his parents had found refuge, he decided to travel to Bahia which was under Portuguese control. There he was arrested and sent to Lisbon for trial. Although a Dutch citizen, he was condemned when he steadfastly refused to accept Christianity. While being burned alive, he cried out the words of Shemah Yisrael... (Here oh Israel...) with such fervor and inner calm, that the local witnesses repeated the words to their friends. The inquisition became so obsessed with this that it banned Christians from repeating the words of Shema. He was twenty-one years old.
Kite surfing spurs solar energy breakthrough
Israel’s Etenergy can get 40 percent
 more power from the sun with lightweight
 solar energy trackers based on the
 principles of kite story
Israel’s gold-medal windsurfer
Olympic hopeful Lee Korzits nearly quit the sport
she loves but came back with renewed vigor as
 seen in the 2011 World Sailing Championships.
A year of healing after the great Carmel fire
A massive inferno last December took a devastating toll
on the northern Israeli biosphere, but there’s some
good news 12 months later.
Peace begins at home
A house with an Arab and Jewish history now serves as a center
 for a range of coexistence programs in the mixed city of Ramle.
Israel’s comic superheroes 

Meet the first-ever Israeli winners of the ‘Oscar’ in comic-book retailing.
Israeli medical advances and inventions get a check-up
 during the first-ever Medical Breakthroughs Tour for Doctors


When he’s told about the Mayan civilization legend that allegedly predicts a cataclysmic event during the year that will bring about the world’s destruction, he laughs, and misinterpreting the explanation to mean the destruction of Israel, responds, “People have been trying to kill us ever since we’ve been here. Don’t worry, we’re going to be fine.”   Continue

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