'Israeli jets hit target on Syrian border' 

(Photo: GettyImages)

01/31/2013 00:3301/31/2013 00:3301/31/2013 00:33

Syria: Israel bombed research center 
Site of alleged strike (Photo: Google Maps)

News agency quotes US and regional security officials as saying Israel conducted airstrike inside Syria hitting convoy of trucks; officials estimate target was SA-17 missiles which would be 'game-changing' in hands of Hezbollah

טילי SA-17. מערכת ניידת וקשה לאיתור
SA-17 missiles

US to Syria: Don't transfer weapons 
IDF troops at Lebanon border (Photo: AFP0

Hagel at Senate hearing (Photo: AFP)

Deputy Iranian foreign minister says alleged Israeli strike will have 'serious implications' for Tel Aviv while Syrian envoy threatens to launch 'surprise attack'. Meanwhile Syria summons UN Golan 
commander to protest attack

Route taken by IAF jets
Area of strike, according to Syrian army statement

Alleged Israeli attack on Syrian military base wakes local residents, baffles world and pushes rebels to take credit for 'mortar attack' as details remain unclear

הפיגוע בניו דלהי, אשתקד (צילום: AFP PHOTO/NDTV) 
2012 New Delhi attack (AFP PHOTO/NDTV)

זירת הפיגוע בניו דלהי (צילום: AP)
Scene of the attack (Photo: AP)

MI chief meets Pentagon officials

US-based website reports arrival of Israel's Maj-Gen. Aviv Kochavi in Washington for covert meetings with Joint Chief's of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, other governmental officials

Former presidential candidate and

Massachusetts senator sails
 through confirmation hearing with
 a vote of 94-3

Fordo uranium enrichment site (Photo: AFP)

Mohammed Morsi Photo: AFP

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