October 30th, 2013

הצילה חיים. סמלת מעיין יוגב ()
Seg. Yogev in the field

Mendel Beilis, in prison garb, is escorted from the courthouse

Marking 100th anniversary of infamous

 Beilis Trial, global leaders convene to 

explore role of government, religion,
 historical analysis in combating
Menahem Mendel Beilis  (1874–1934), victim of 
a *blood libel charge in Russia in 1911. 
On March 12, 1911 (under the old Russian calendar),
 a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy Andrei Yushchinsky 
disappeared on his way to school. Eight days later
 his mutilated body was discovered in a cave near the
 Zaitsev brick factory.
Beilis was arrested on July 21, 1911, after a 
lamplighter testified that the boy
 had been kidnapped by a Jew ..... More


כרזות התחרות ()

Iranian border guards (file)

Collapsed crane on British cabinet building 
Big waves on Britain's shore
Storm's wake in Holland 

Windmill in ruins, Germany 
Germany, today 
Fierce winds, Holland 

In Brighton, UK 

Saudi woman (Photo: AFP)
Saudi woman


ארדואן כעס: "כלי חימר חשובים מבני אדם?" (צילום: AFP)
Bosphorus tunnel links EU, Asian sides of Istanbul 

Gaza-Egypt tunnel (Photo: AP)

The cave where terrorist hid
The cave where terrorist hid

Iranian President Hassan Rohani (Photo: AP)

Photo: Reuters

White House Press Secretary

 Jay Carney says the U.S. is not 
monitoring the communications of
 the German chancellor, but didn't 
comment on whether it had in the past. 

Emotional reunion (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

Anti-Israel = ( Semitism ) protest in Turkey 

Book cover

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