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    Parshat Noah,

     Animals are just part of 

    the Story









    A flood destroys all living creatures, aside from

     Noah, his family, and the animals in their ark.
    Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. 

     Noah walked with God.
    God said to Noah, “Because the earth is filled with 

    wrongdoing and corruption and robbery I am

     going to destroy it.  Make yourself an ark
     of wood with enclosures for animals 

    and gather food for all aboard. 
     I shall bring a flood through the water
     upon the earth and destroy all 

    that has the spirit of life.

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    • Who Was Noah?
    • Noah son of Lamech was a righteous 
    • man, a man “who walked with God
    • (Genesis 6:9).” He was blameless in
    • a generation whose wickedness 
    • and corruption were so great that 
    • God was sorry he had created man.

    • The Children Of Noah
    As the children of Noah, we are challenged 
    to follow his example of resisting the corru
    ption of our society, walking with God and
     living with our brothers and sisters in love
     and peace.


    The weekly haftarah is often a single-minded 
    metaphor for the week's Torah portion. 
    Yet in haftarat Noah, Isaiah employs 
    metaphors of his own on several layers .

    Nathan, on the right, with King David


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