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    Jewish American comedian records a special invitation
     to his Israeli fans, as two Tel Aviv shows are announced 
    for December.

    Terrorist from Umm al-Fahm uses car to attack Israelis at a bus stop then stabs four; four wounded aged 15, 19, and 20 and 45 wounded , including one seriously; suspect apprehended. 

    In an in-depth investigation, the Associated Press finds 
    that nuclear smugglers from Eastern Europe explicitly
     target buyers who are enemies of the West, including
     the Islamic State group.

    The Chisinau. (Photo:AP)

    The Chisinau. 
    Siezed Nuclear material (Photo: AP)

    Siezed Nuclear material 
    Moldava a breeding ground for smugglers. (Photo: AP)
    Moldava a breeding ground for smugglers. 

    Chetrus. (Photo: AP)
    Arrests conducted against the smugglers. (Photo: AP)
    Arrests conducted against the smugglers. 

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