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For this remarkable young man, there was no contradiction between defending Israel as a soldier and on campus and reaching out to the other side

Last week I was honored to speak to the Jewish community of Venice at the Chabad House, which hosts thousands for Shabbos meals, and to the extremely warm and welcoming main community
The Elon family, a member of the religious Zionist elite, is entrenched in the world of law, politics and halakha (Jewish religious law). The roots of the dynasty are in Dusseldorf, Germany. A year before the Nazi rise to power, the family fled to the Netherlands and from there to Israel. 
A Jewish Journal of Ideas Is Born The Jewish Review of Books to focus on Jewish literary and political affairs; the magazine is funded by an endowment established by the late Zalman Bernstein 
The Union of Jewish Congregations of Latin America and the Caribbean is increasing interest among Latin American Jewry by engaging them in its activities electronically through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook
Shalom Alechemy , Performed by the Sephardi Jews 
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Photo: Gil Yohanan
Rabbi Yosef: Drunkenness is abominable
Shas' spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia, Yosef saaid Saturday evening that "drunkenness is an abominable and nefarious act" and that in Purim one must drink very little ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(08:51 , 02.28.10 )
Jewish campus groups oppose UC Irvine boycott
Five campus Jewish groups and fraternities say they don't agree with a call to boycott the University of California, Irvine because of tensions involving Muslim ...
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Ynetnews and AP(09:38 , 02.27.10 )
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Orthodox Jewish school forfeits tournament game
A small Orthodox Jewish school forfeited a consolation game in a Washington state high school basketball tournament so players could safely observe a religious fast. ...
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Associated Press(14:26 , 02.26.10 )
Photo: Hagit Goren
Preparing for Purim around the globe
Around the world, Jewish communities are preparing for of the upcoming Purim holiday. World Bnei Akiva and Jewish Agency emissaries in more than 30 countries around the ...
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Ynetnews(08:24 , 02.26.10 )
ADL honors woman as teenage rescuer of Jews during Holocaust
Arlette deMonceau Michaelis, who along with her family resisted the Germans and saved Jews in Belgium during the Holocaust, was honored in New York by the Anti-Defamation ...
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Ynetnews(14:45 , 02.25.10 )
Photo: AP
Neturei Karta: IDF Purim costumes worse than Nazi uniforms
Some are not content with the wide range of Purim costumes on the market, and are now proposing to import various costumes that are likely to cause a storm. In notices ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(07:37 , 02.25.10 )
Photo: Dudi Vaaknin
Beit Shemesh warned over haredi-only classrooms
The Education Ministry has sent a warning letter to Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul following his announcement of opening four classes for ultra-Orthodox students only ...
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Yaheli Moran Zelikovich(14:30 , 02.24.10 )
Photo courtesy of Hot Bombay
Jewish women of Bollywood cinema
Movie goers from Bombay to Bangalore were star stuck over Bollywood’s Sulochana during the golden age of Indian cinema. At the time, most of them were unaware that ...
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Ilan Mester(07:51 , 02.24.10 )
Photo: Yaron Brener
Bnei Brak launches 'no smoking on Purim' campaign
The streets of Bnei Brak have been plastered in recent days with posters distributed by the municipality ahead of the Purim holiday. These aren't invitations to a Purim ...
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Yoav Zeitun(15:24 , 02.23.10 )
Photo: Ofir Hacohen
Hungary makes new effort to ban Holocaust denial
Hungary's parliament on Monday approved a bill making Holocaust denial punishable by up to three years in prison, but the measure may be unconstitutional. Lawmakers ...
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Associated Press(07:55 , 02.23.10 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Thousands attend Rabbi Porush's funeral
Paying final respects to haredi leader: Thousands of people, including public figures, attended the funeral procession of Rabbi Menachem Porush on Monday. The masses ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(16:07 , 02.22.10 )
Photo: Michael Kramer
Rabbi Porush passes away at 93
An end of an era in Israeli politics – Rabbi Menachem Porush, who served as deputy minister of labor and social welfare and as a member of Knesset for Agudat Yisrael and ...
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Ronen Medzini(08:40 , 02.22.10 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Sharansky: Elon backed by former chief rabbi
Rabbi Mordechai Elon's friends rush to defend him: Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky, a close friend of the rabbi suspected of sexually abusing his students, told ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(14:57 , 02.21.10 )
Photo: CD Bank
Orthodox Jews find ways to use genetic testing
Some of mankind's most devastating inherited diseases appear to be declining, and a few have almost disappeared, because more people are using genetic testing to decide ...
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Associated Press(09:05 , 02.21.10 )
Photo: Courtesy of Jerusalem.com
iPhone prayers to be sounded in Jerusalem
The wonders of technology. The Jerusalem.com tourist website launched an iPhone application this week which enables people from around the world and of any religion to ...
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Tzofia Hirschfeld(15:25 , 02.20.10 )

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