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Photo: AFP
Thwart the ‘peace crusaders’
If all goes the way sponsoring NGOs planned it, a nine-ship armada of activists will steam into a small Mediterranean seaport to break the “siege” of Gaza. Timed for the ...
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Abraham cooper(10:25 , 05.23.10 )
Photo: Noam Moscowitz
Haredim captive to radicals
As long as the haredim themselves don't shun the haredi minority willing to beat up police officers in order to protect bones, Israelis will not be able to see that the ...
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Hanoch Daum(13:29 , 05.22.10 )
Counter Palestinian boycott
Had a foreigner found himself in our region, he would be convinced that the Palestinian Authority decision to ban settlement products is incredibly commensurate with the ...
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Shaul Rosenfeld(14:02 , 05.21.10 )
Photo: Amir Gilboa
Iranian ploy backfires
In light of past experience, this was a predictable ploy. Every time the noose tightens around Iran’s neck, it pulls a rabbit out of its hat in order to buy some more ...
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Loony leftist camp has imposed regime of madness in our country

National leftists cry for their beloved Israel, want to lead change 
Badge of honor for Israel
Chomsky ban was the right move, sign that our survival instincts still intact 
Elvis Costello’s hypocrisy 
Pop star shuns Israel, but didn’t call off US, Britain shows after Iraq invasion 
The anti-Zionist hypocrisy
Many critics of Zionism have no problem with other states, national movements 
Don’t get excited by deal 
Iran merely seeking to delay sanctions, will never agree to
Amiel Ungar

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