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Rabbi Avraham Fisher

The Service of Song
The duty of the Levites to accompany the Tabernacle service with music and song reminds us to serve God with joy. MORE

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A Summary of the Parashah

Nancy Reuven

God describes the service of the
 Gershon family of Levites; laws
 relating to the suspected adulteress
 and the nazirite are given; God
 tells Moses and Aaron the priestly
 blessing; the heads of tribes to
 bring gifts to the Tabernacle.

God told Moses to list the service each family shall undertake for the sake of the community and in honor of God. For the sons of Gershon, from 30 years old until 50 years old, their communal service shall be to carry all the tapestries and hangings of the Dwelling Place of The Testimony. Those sons involved in communal service are numbered as 2,630.

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This Week's TORAH Commentary

  • :What Is a Blessing? by Yoel H. Kahn

  • The Meaning Behind the Blessing by Elizabeth Sacks

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