Saturday 24 July 2010


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-My wife Narges was arrested at midnight. She was interrogated all that night till dawn. In the first hours of her interrogation she was insulted in the worse manner. They compared her with whores which resulted in her anger.

Babylon & Beyond
...a counter strike of psychological warfare, Iran will use the United...kidnapping and return of Iranian nuclear...Shahram Amiri, said news reports this week...movie deal is good news for Amiri, who...information on Iran's clandestine...have a history of extrajudicial renditions...

...the CIA , Iran's semiofficial Fars news agency said Wednesday...orchestrated and managed by Iran," the source was...we saw a variety of intelligence goals... ," Amiri told Iran's government...said. "Other kinds of pressure, too
Iran: Scientist's stay in U.S. provided valuable info about CIA

Babylon & Beyond
...included residents of the town of Lamerd, Iranian media...that between 50% and 70% of buildings were damaged...official Iranian Students News Agency reported that a total of 12 aftershocks shook the...considered a real danger in Iran, especially in poorly...
Iran's Interior Minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar :

Majlis Speaker, Dr. Ali Larijani,  : 

Head of Iran's Majlis' National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Dr. Alaeddin Broujerdi, : 
 US Imprint Visible in Zahedan Terrorist Blasts

n televised announcement, Hassan Nasrallah says Lebanese prime minister informed him that UN tribunal investigating 2005 assassination of ex-premier Rafik Hariri will accuse some 'undisciplined members' of his Shiite group 
Likud member says will vote against request made by panel probing flotilla raid to add two more male members
They left their comfortable lives in lap of their families for meals in soldiers' residence during combat training. Volunteers of 'Aish Machal' project come to contribute to Israel in only way they see fit – military service

Bielecki (R) with his brother Leszek in 1944 

Muslim woman who concealed Jewish family in Belarus during Holocaust meets Rachel Shmilovitch at President's Residence after more than 60 years

Site of Love Parade stampede, 24 July

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