Editor, Daveed  Fakheri

Renouncing Jewish right for Mount paves way to losing right for entire land 

Ben-Gurion University turning into village fool, hotbed of anti-Israel activity 

IDF probes into Gaza operation include needless self-flagellation 

US president realizes his tough approach to Israel was counterproductive

Obama era's worthless US pledges require us to reassess American support

Netanyahu expected to hear uncompromising message from Obama 

Netanyahu must get rid of some of his ministers, but he’s afraid 

Instead of quarreling with US, prime minister should cooperate with Obama

Against backdrop of Shalit march, Eitan Haber recalls Entebbe op, past prisoner

Jewish world must recognize, counter religious fundamentalism in its midst 

Israel continues to maintain military superiority, faces no existential threat 

Dan Calic wonders whether there really is a difference between Hamas and Fatah

Yair Lapid wonders how the Jewish State maintains such terrible education system 

Israelis should resolve disputes at home instead of exporting them 

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