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Bring Jordan into equation
How many Palestinian states do we need? Do the Palestinians need mere fragments of Palestinian states? An independent state already exists in Gaza, the Palestinians ...
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Why peace won’t happen
Efforts to impose a Palestinian state (the "two-state" proposal) are doomed to fail for one simple reason: Palestinians Arabs do not want such a state; they don't ...
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Knesset hurting itself
As one who observes the Knesset from the outside and teaches students about parliament’s work, I was horrified by its decision to punish MK Hanin Zoabi, even though I ...
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Obama thinks we’re dumb
The current White House resident requires the financial and political support of US Jews ahead of the November 2010 elections. He boasts of the fact that his two top ...
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Op-ed: Israel should forget about seeing Gaza Strip becoming Egypt’s 
      Op-ed: Leftist demonstrators endorse Arab society that shuns their own lofty 
          Op-ed: Haredim wrongly accused of shunning basic subjects, living at State’s

            Op-ed: New conversion law to prompt needless, painful confrontation with

            Op-ed: Israel will face disastrous consequences should honest work not pay off

            Op-ed: Hebron myths, leftist propaganda countered in wake of ‘dancing soldiers

            Op-ed: Druze soldiers don’t deserve to face wrath of settlers over building

            Op-ed: While criticizing Israel, US Jews must beware of biased agendas

            Op-Ed: Israel treated Turkish flotilla as military objective, rather than

            Op-ed: Our leadership must adopt Ben-Gurion’s attitude to Jerusalem rather than 

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