Judges who convicted former president of rape, indecent acts, and sexual harassment say he abused his power over victims by 'glorifying, touching, making erotic comments, and hugging them at length' in anticipation of sexual rewards

Those who voted for Katsav as president should ask themselves: What did I know about this man? Did I really think he was suited for what is formally Israel’s highest office? Was I capable of thinking beyond petty party politics and personal gain when I cast my vote?


Big Gas Find Sparks a Frenzy in Israel

Arabs are the enemy
New letter signed by rabbis' wives appeals to women urging them to stay away from Arabs. 'As soon as they have in you in their grasp – everything becomes different. Attention will be replaced with curses, physical abuse and humiliation,' letter states
Defense Ministry says Palestinian Return Center in north London involved in 'initiating and organizing radical and violent activity against Israel in Europe
Denmark's intelligence service says men planned to shoot as many people as possible in newsroom of paper that published cartoons of Muslim prophet
Central Statistics Bureau reports that Israeli population has grown in 2010, nearly reaching 7.7 million. Over 75% of citizens are Jews, data shows

Economic crisis leaves elderly without food, medicine, while kids might soon lose their schools. 'I don't understand how Jews worldwide can see their despair, but not help,' says Yechiel Eckstein, head of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Device developed by Argo Medical Technologies enabling paraplegics to walk appears in popular TV series prompting dramatic increase in global interest

Archaeologists say they may have found earliest evidence yet for existence of modern man after discovering 4,000-year-old teeth in Qassem cave

US President Barack Obama took the rare step on Wednesday of temporarily appointing US ambassadors to Syria, Turkey and Azerbaijan, restoring a top US envoy to Damascus after an absence of nearly six years.

Years ago, scientists believed that Earth was on the brink of a climate Armageddon, but FoxNews.com learns that some of those predictions were mistaken

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