Israeli innovation contributes $2.4 billion to the Massachusetts economy, with 100 companies providing 5,920 jobs.

A specialized tooth varnish developed by scientists in Israel can help kangaroos bounce back from a common and often-fatal gum disease
While abundant resources are channeled to converting sunlight into power, it emerges that the common Oriental hornet has known the secret all along.
A research team in Israel has developed an electronic sensor said to be even more sensitive and reliable than the nose of a sniffer dog.
A new Israeli method to analyze fat may facilitate the breakdown of the cells that produce fat in our bodies, targeting rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

Israeli Jews and West Bank Palestinians learn about each other in a series of unique interfaith encounters. ISRAEL21c goes to Hebron to find out more.

The Jerusalem Music Center identifies and nurtures local musicians and launches world-class careers.
Award-winning professor Marilyn Safir, is a path breaker who has researched and led the struggle for women's equality in Israel for nearly four decades.
A gallery of civilian aircraft and flight artifacts from as far back as the Golden Age of aviation joins the rich variety of tourist attractions on offer in Israel.

In record time, Israeli engineers and medical specialists erected a state-of-the art ER in Kisumu, Kenya, the first such facility in a region of six million.

A new study shows that corporate brands like Nike, Apple or Gap take the place of religious symbols like a crucifix or Star of David for people who aren't deeply religious.
The Israel National Roads Company has paved Israel's first eco-friendly road. Just over half a mile of road was paved with an experimental blend of asphalt and rubber pellets from 1,900 ground-up used tires.
Three physicists - one from the from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and two others from Michigan State - say the Quantum Mechanics theory may hold the cure for the common cold.

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