2nd of Sh'vat 5771
January 7th 2011

The miraculous experience of the Exodus and
 edemption inspires us to seek the miraculous
 presence of God in our daily lives. MORE>
A summary of the portion
God brings the final three plagues on the
 Egyptians; the Israelites leave Egypt
and receive the commandment to
 observe Passover.
The Land Was Black With Locusts
display My signs to the people. It is these
 signs which will enable you and the
 generations after you to recognize Me
 as your God. This is the story parents will
pass down to their children and their children's
children. I will be known as the God who
 brought you out of the land of Egypt.

Jeremiah 46:13-28

In the haftarah for Parashat Bo we read
 a part of Jeremiah's prophecies against
 Egypt. Jeremiah foretells an attack on
 Egypt by Nebuchadrezzar, King of
Babylonia. Though Egypt is mighty, Jeremiah
 is confident that the Egyptian
 Pharaoh will be overpowered by the Babylonia.

Rav Kook on the Weekly Parasha
Some Of The Rav Kook's Great Quotes !
“-The purely righteous do not complain about evil, rather they add justice.

-They do not complain about heresy, rather they add faith.

-They do not complain about ignorance, rather they add wisdom. “


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