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The Bahraini Jews

As you know Bahrain is going to appoint its first woman Ambassador 
to Washington D.C , Huda Nonoo.

Nonoo is not  unique only because she is a woman but because she is also a Jew.
The first woman non Muslim Ambassador from the Gulf state. I think you heard about this.
Nonoo’s grandfather Ibrahim by the way was also the Ambassador of Bahrain to D.C
What is new in this post is I found this interesting slideshow for the Nonoos and the Jewish Community in Bahrain in Al Arabiya Website.
Unfortunately it is in Arabic ,but here is some quick summary :
  • The Jewish community now is from 36 persons.
  • The Jewish community in the same island lived peacefully till the war of Palestine , still their big departure took place after the six days war “just like in Egypt”
  • According to a Book called “The Jews of Bahrain” written by the researcher “Ali El- Gallowy” ; Jews lived in Bahrain even before Islam and the Othman empire appointed Jewish merchants in the administrations of Bahrain.
  • The Golden era of Jews in Bahrain was from 1905 to 1948 , they were 50 persons in 1905 and in 1948 they were 500 living mainly in Manama.
  • After the division order and the war of Palestine ,they began to leave especially after an attack on the Jewish Synagogue there in old Manama area.
  • Still there are some families that stayed including the Nonoos who are by the way originally from Iraq.
  • The Jews were specialized in trading cloth and textile and this is why in old Manama ,the Cloth market : The Jews Market.
  • Huda Nonoo’s cousin Ibrahim Nonoo JR was appointed in the Shura Council from 2002 to 2006 where Huda replaced him.

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