Pentagon will seek death penalty against Gitmo detainee in connection with USS Cole bombing in Yemen as it moves forward with case more than a year after AG Holder designated it for a military trial.
The four are suspected of passing information from Islamic Jihad prisoners in Israel to the group's officials in Gaza, in return for thousands of shekels.

Moslehi’s Return Amid Khamenei 
and Ahmadinejad’s Silence
Ayatollah Khamenei’s Representative
 in the Revolutionary Guards:

Without a doubt the criminal acts of the Taliban in killing UN staff in Mazar Sharif and the beheading of two of them is condemned.

Intelligence information was lacking, but the tracks, the IDF’s massive presence in Awarta, exceptional cooperation between the various security arms, and traces left behind by the terrorists led to the arrests of the two Palestinians who murdered a whole family in Itamar

Gross domestic product sees significant rise in fourth quarter of 2010, while business sector's GDP up 6.3% in second half of year. Exports climb 27.3%, imports up 34.7%
 Glee Cast - Time Warp (Glee Cast Version)

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