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KABUL — U.S. troops fighting
 in Afghanistan paused Monday to remember
 the fallen in Memorial Day services, as a war 
nearly a decade old trudges

Col. Mustafa Koprucu, 505th CCW commander, said in his opening remarks. "I had the distinct honor of visiting Israel to train and exchange with the Israeli Defense Force just last year. What an incredible event that was...but here's what really stuck in my memory, that every officer that I went to see, every general, every colonel, every major, had in their office a picture of their parents, or their grandparents, or someone in their family who had survived, or not survived, the Holocaust."

Moshe Yaalon, Israel's minister for strategic affairs, says in an interview that the world must come to grips with the Iranian nuclear threat, 'even if it would be necessary to conduct a pre-emptive strike.'

Six Hundred ( 600 ) Million Dollars
 in Embezzlement
“Warnings Had Been Given”
Latest Status of Kurdish Prisoner in
Interview with His Family and Activists

Sent by Goli Farivar

New Generation Of Palestinian Jihadist 
Challenges Hamas
What do you have to do to be recognized as a revolutionary Islamist group using terrorism, backed by Iran, to seek to wipe Israel off the map and kill the Jews?

Despite tense situation in Israel's south, one cow produces 20,000 liters of milk per year – almost double the average. 'Our dairy farmers channel optimism,' farm director says
Germany held crisis talks amid reports that at least 14 people have died and hundreds are ill in an outbreak of a highly virulent strain of bacteria found on imported cucumbers.
Belgium and Russia on Monday banned the import of vegetables from Spain, believed to be the source of at least some of the contaminated cucumbers.
Madrid shot back saying it would seek financial compensation from the European Union for lost sales.

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