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Independence Day 2011: Central Bureau of Statistics data indicate 75% of population are Jewish, 178,000 babies born in past year, 24,500 immigrants made aliyah

Brooklyn weekly apologizes for digitally removing secretary of state from picture of Obama's staff monitoring bin Laden hit, says has 'long standing editorial policy' of not publishing women's images

Walk through history: Myth of wealthy, greedy Jew born in Europe in Middle Ages, when Jews were forced to charge interest on loans to Christians. 'They were like parking inspectors: Taking money for others and getting beaten up for it,' says historian

A book titled 'the Jews – why are they rich?' would be considered anti-Semitic in every other country in the world. In China, however, it's a sort of compliment. Ronen Medzini elaborates on the Chinese people's idolization of the Jewish mind

Shanghai synagogue (Photo: AP
picture 2 Photo from 'Jewish ghetto' days in Shanghai (Photo: Amir and Dana Man)
  Monument in memory of Shanghai ghetto residents, written in Hebrew, English and Chinese (Photo: Ronen Medzini)
  Entire section of books for Jews' businesses (Photo: Ronen Medzini)
Why Koreans study Talmud
Close to 50 million South Koreans read collection of Jewish writings in school in bid to become 'geniuses like the Jews,' ambassador explains
(Video) Just one day after announcing separation from his wife, actor-politician speaks at Independence Day celebration hosted by Israeli Consulate General in Los Angeles, refers to Jewish state as 'beacon of democracy and human rights'
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President Barack Obama should be applauded for his risky—and lonely—decision to take out Osama bin Laden. But in announcing bin Laden's demise, the president fudged a vital fact. Echoing George W. Bush, he insisted that al Qaeda's icon "was not a Muslim leader

Associated Press correspondent Toby Sterling discovers the tragic history of the Amsterdam building he lives in.


Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

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