A note to Anti-Israel, Anti-Judaism 
and Anti-semite groups.

 here are the secrets to be so 
successful like Jews; 

חכמה   בינה   דעת

Wisdom  Understanding  

Try it and see how everything changes in your life and you will start doing everything differently. For example, wanting to make peace with israel, releasing the kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit to his family, stop killing each other for fun, choosing better comrades than the islamic republic of Iran.

Sarit Hadad - od maat shabat

A Flawed Hero
Moses' fatal flaw is his inability to wean 
his people from their dependence on him.

The children of Israel are recalcitrant and undependable lovers who reject their covenantal responsibilities for a piece of meat, a golden calf, a sexy Moabite body. They are children, in fact, infantilized by the slavery of their upbringing and unable to endure the incertitude and ambiguities of freedom.
God instructs Moses and Aaron regarding the red heifer; Miriam dies; Moses hits a rock to bring forth water rather than speaking to it; Aaron dies.
God said to Moses and Aaron, 'Speak to the sons of Israel and find a completely red cow on which there is no blemish and no yoke has ever come. You shall give it to Eleazar, the priest, and he shall take it outside the camp and slaughter it. This cow shall then be made into an offering and those that participate in the sacrifice shall be unclean until the evening.
Parshat Chukat
By Malki Rose
The New Moon is a symbol of the feminine,
and a time when all creatures will come
together to praise God.
The haftarah selection is from Isaiah 66:1-24.

When Shabbat coincides with the beginning of a new Hebrew month (Rosh Chodesh) we read a special aftir about Rosh Chodesh sacrifices at the end of the Torah reading, and chant a special haftarah taken from the book of Isaiah.
from Torah Topics for Today
When We Lose Control
Hukkat: A resource for families

People lose control. We may get excessively angry or behave impulsively or destructively. We may scream at a child, eat too much, or drink. The reasons for such behavior are many. Sometimes there is a sense that something is missing in our lives, a hole we don’t know how to fill, or a difficult issue we don't know how to address. That darkness lurks behind some of our behavior, and then suddenly, when we least expect it, erupts into unwanted behavior. 

Bar-Ilan University Study Center
Parashat Hashavua 

Dr. Shimon Eliezer Halevy Spero
In this week's reading a fundamental change occurs in the direction of the wandering of the Israelites in the wilderness.  Up to the beginning of Numbers 20, the Torah tells of events that occurred in the first two years after the exodus from Egypt, whereas from there on it describes what happened in the fortieth year, after the Israelites were commanded to set off towards the land of Canaan (Num. 20:22), saying:  "The Israelites arrived in a body at the wilderness of Zin on the first new moon, and the people stayed at Kadesh.  Miriam died there and was buried there" (Num. 20:1).  From what follows, it becomes clear that the reference was to the first month of the fortieth year.
Rav kook
Parashat Hashavua

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