Magnitude 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia but felt in Boston, New York and even North Carolina. Capitol, Pentagon and major airports evacuated

EARTHQUAKE hits Washington, D.C. 5.8 magnitude August 23rd, 2011

23rd of August 2011


The Fall of Qaddafi and Lockerbie Justice

Lithuanian Orthodox rabbis link summer vacation in yeshivot to terror offensive on Egypt border, rocket attacks in southern Israel
Picture for the above article : Sitting without Jacket is RABBI  KHAMENEI of ISRAEL and the rest are , Ahmadinejad, Larijani,  Ahmad Khatami, Mesbah Yazdi, ..........

Iran cuts Hamas funding for failing to show support for Assad

Israeli flees German torturer

A critical mass of deposed Arab leaders is starting to form, but phase two of the Libyan revolution will prove to be harder than just ousting Gadhafi.
One rocket in coastal Ashkelon area ignites brushfire, no injuries reported thus far; rockets hit after IDF tells southern residents that threat level has been reduced.
Move comes day before Palmer report into 2010 IDF raid on Gaza flotilla was due to be published; Turkey says Israel also requested delay.
Church officials in Austria and Germany wanted the West German government to aid the high-ranking Nazi officer after he was captured by Israeli agents, Der Spiegel reports.

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