If people don't feel comfortable in the community,

they won't stay long enough to enjoy its richness.

In this week's portion, Abraham and Sarah set the bar pretty high when it comes to welcoming guests and making them feel at home. We can all probably take a few hints from their hospitality. MORE>

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As Abraham was sitting before his tent, after

 having circumcised himself, God 

appeared. Abraham lifted up his eyes and 

saw three men standing there. 

Abraham invited them to come in 

and made a fine meal for them. 

Three guests arrive at Abraham and

 Sarah's tent

 They inform Abraham that God 

will give the elderly Sarah a child. The prophecy

 comes true, and they name their 

son Isaac.

One of the men said that Sarah would have

 a son by the time he returns to their

tent. Sarah heard this comment and 

laughed to herself, saying, “Oh, that I shall

have the greatest fulfillment now that I 

am already worn out and my husband

is an old man!”

This week's haftarah contains two stories about the prophet Elisha, a protégé 
of  Obadiah, one of the minor prophets, comes to Elisha with a complaint. Her 

husband has died, and she is so destitute without him that her children are about

Elijah In the first story an unnamed woman, traditionally identified as the wife o

to be taken away from her to be sold as 


Elisha asks her if she has anything of value in her house, and she replies that all
she has is a single jug of oil. Elisha then instructs her to borrow as many vessels as

 she can from her neighbors. Then, he tells her to pour the oil from her vessel into
the other ones. Miraculously, the oil does not run out, ultimately lasting long
enough to fill all the borrowed jugs. She returns to Elisha, who tells her, "Go sell

 the oil and pay your debt, and you and your children can live on the rest."


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