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December 25, 2011 - Israeli environmental scientists
have discovered a way to grow pollution-reducing trees
in the barren sands of the Arava Desert.
Every Hannukah, Israelis stop counting calories long
 enough to buy about 24 million mouth-watering,
sweet and gooey, deep-fried sufganiyot.
Resistant bacteria are soon to meet their match: a
 genetically engineered fluid that restores their
 vulnerability to antibiotics.
Israeli researchers develop an artificial testis for men
who've lost their ability to produce sperm.

Prof. Mahmoud Huleihel believes he and his team have
 achieved a breakthrough in male infertility.
The opening of sperm banks may have solved the
 problem of male infertility in some couples, but not
 for those men who want to see their grandmother's smile
 or father's eyes in their future offspring.
The Ottoman-built Tzemach Station on the Sea
 of Galilee is being renovated to become a
 tourist and academic center
The Bloomfield Science Museum is training hundreds of third- through sixth-grade ‘Green Ambassadors' to care for their city's environment.
Israel's Drippler aggregates all relevant news and info relating to subscribers' high-tech toys, making it simpler to use devices to their full potential.
Well-founded rumors fly around Apple VP's recent visit to Israel. Could the consumer giant be preparing to ride the Israel tech bus along with Google, Microsoft and Intel?
Nitrates in drinking water pose serious health problems, but a new low-tech solution from Israel is coming to the rescue. 
Israeli creators are behind the groundbreaking Indian reality TV series The Chat House, which blurs real and virtual boundaries.
'I'm trying to get to places where there's not a chance Israeli music will ever be played,' says the singer-songwriter and peace activist.

Kippot for Hope by Adam Williams

Sent by I.S. Shadmehr

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