December 24th, 2011

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December 24th, 2011

Joseph's tears, public and private
When Joseph encounters his brothers again after so many years, he fights back tears, and then weeps in private. It is only later, when he cries openly, that his vulnerability launches him into trIn the 1970s, football star Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier sang "It's All Right to Cry" on the landmark record album "Free to Be You and Me," produced by Marlo Thomas. The former New York Giants defensive tackle told us, in the Carol Hall song, that "crying gets the sad out of you. It's all right to cry; it might make you feel better." Feminism had arrived in America, and men--including football stars with feminine nicknames--were permitted, even encouraged, to show their emotions and cry.

The Assassination of JFK
A decade earlier, on the cusp of the feminist era and of an era of turmoil in America, I saw my dad cry for the first time. He stood in front of the TV, tears streaming down his cheeks, as he watched the events of that afternoon in November, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Stunned by the horrific tragedy, I was also jolted by my father's open display of emotion. My dad was a caring and loving man, but as a child, I suppose I too was influenced by the norms of the day: Grown men didn't cry! It would take the Kennedy assassination, Marlo Thomas's recording and a whole series of events and social changes in American life to make a man's crying, even in the private confines of his home, socially acceptable. ue leadership.MORE>

by Rav Elie Mayer

Rav Machlis teaches that the lesson we can learn from Yosef’s ordeal is that suffering is not forever. For twelve years, Yosef was in jail. It’s safe to assume that he thought that he would never see the light of day and that his suffering would endure forever. The Parsha is called Miketz which means the end because the message is that

 MORE השם שם קץ לחשך – Hashem /God sets a limit to the darkness.


Parashat Miketz
"Rabbi Levy said: one should wait as long as 22 years
for a good dream to come true.
 This we learn from Joseph." (Berachot 54a)

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams and is appointed to
 implement Egypt's anti-famine plan, which brings him
 into contact with his brothers again
Joseph interprets correctly the dream of Pharaoh’s jailed chief butler and baker. The butler returns to his job but does not keep his promise to tell the Pharaoh about Joseph.
Two years later, the Pharaoh had a dream. He stood by the river deep in thought. Out of the river there came seven fat cows. Then seven thin cows came out of the river and ate up the fat ones.
The Pharaoh then has a second dream. There were seven healthy ears of corn on one stalk followed by seven thin ears of corn. The thin ears swallowed up the seven healthy and full ears.
immediately sent for
In the morning, the Pharaoh’s spirit was troubled and he called all the wise men in the land, but none could interpret his dreams. Then the butler spoke to the Pharaoh about Joseph and Joseph was 

Wisdom and how to wield it.

I Kings 3:15-4:1

The Jewish Storyteller

Let us all be careful, whether the sin
 is big or small, it is still a SIN
by Mike Schwartz

Kobi Perets & Off Simchas - Israel

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