Moses on Mount Sinai (painting circa 1895–1900 

י״ח בְּשְׁבָט תשע״ב
18th of Sh'vat, 5772
Sat, 11 February 2012 
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There is a lot to learn from
 The commandment
 not to covet
Is someone who works to be close to God while enjoying a range of modern consumer products--an iPad, a fancy restaurant meal, designer clothes--breaking the commandment not to covet? MORE>

No Man Is An Island : YITRO'S

Model Of Activist Leadership

Jethro, Moses' father-in-law suggests a system for establishing lower courts to settle disputes; God speaks the Ten Commandments to the Children of Israel amidst fire, smoke, and the sound of the shofar.

 1768 Picture, Decalogue Parchment ByJekuthiel Sofer
Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law and the pagan priest of Midian, heard what God did for Moses and the Israelites. He took Moses’ wife and two sons and brings them to Moses in the wilderness. After a passionate reunion, Moses shared with Jethro the whole story of how the Lord rescued the Hebrews from bondage to Pharaoh in Egypt.
Jethro rejoiced, saying, “Blessed be the Lord. Now I know that the Lord is greater than all the gods.”Continue

Honor Your Father

 and Your Mother

The 5th Commandment
(illustration from a Bible card published by
 the Providence Lithograph Company)

Rav kook among the Israeli soldiers



  Nine Articles

Isaiah's initiation as a prophet.

Ashkenazic Custom: Isaiah 6:1-7:6, 9:5-6

Sephardic Custom: Isaiah 6:1-13

In Parashat Yitro we read about God's wondrous revelation of the Torah. The Israelites were awestruck as they experienced God's presence: "All the people saw the thunder and lightning, the blare of the horn and the mountain smoking; they fell back and stood at a distance" (Exodus 20:15). 
Appropriately, the haftarah selection for this parashah retells another account of a vivid divine revelation--Isaiah's first vision, in which he was inaugurated as a prophet for Israel.
In Isaiah's vision, God is seated on a throne on high, surrounded by attendants who are six-winged creatures. These creatures, called Seraphs, call to one other: "Holy, holy, holy! The Lord of Hosts! His presence fills all the earth!" (6:3) This refrain has been incorporated into our synagogue liturgy, in the Kedushah prayer. 

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