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Anti-Semitic website offers 100,000 Forints ($450) for
 data on participants in protest against suspected
 war criminal Csatary.

ט׳ בְּאָב תשע״ב
 9th of Av, 5772
Sat, 28 July 2012 

Shabat Shalom 

The opening words of the fifth book of the Torah begin with, "These are the words that Moses spoke (diber) to all Israel." But the verb 'diber' indicates harshness or rebuke. Why did Moses speak so harshly? 
May I have a word with you? The opening words of the fifth book of the  Torah begin simply enough, "These are the words that Moses spoke (diber) to all Israel."   The Rabbis of the ancient Midrash Sifre Devarim note that every place the Bible uses the verb 'daber' indicates harshness or rebuke, whereas the Hebrew word 'amar' conveys a sense of praise.MORE>

Moses recounts to the Israelites episodes from the 40 years in the wilderness; he encourages the Israelites in their upcoming conquest of the land of Canaan.
In the 40th year, in the 11th month, on the first day of the month. Moses spoke the following to the Israelites:
"Remember God said, 'I have set this land before you, go in and take possession of the land…' Now God, your God, has multiplied you and you are now like the stars of heaven in multitude. May God add to you another thousand times as many as you are now, and may God bless you.
"I knew I could not alone carry your contentiousness, your burdens, and your quarrels. So I told you to provide for yourselves wise men of your tribes. You agreed to this system of judges as overseers over the tribes and I charged these judges with specific duties.More

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Isaiah charges the people with rebellion against God.

The haftarah selection is from Isaiah 1:1-27.

Tisha B'Av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, marks the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple. On the Shabbat before Tisha B'Av, which always coincides with Parashat Devarim, Jews read a haftarah from the beginning of the Book of Isaiah. The Shabbat before Tisha B'Av is often called Shabbat 

Jewish World News
Anti-Semitic website offers 100,000 Forints ($450) for
 data on participants in protest against suspected
 war criminal Csatary.


Photo: AFP
Slovakian Jews seek Nazi criminal's extradition
Slovakia's Jewish community has called on the local authorities to request that Laszlo Csatary, a 97-year-old alleged Holocaust war criminal under house arrest in ...
Full story 
AFP(07:27 , 07.26.12 )
Photo: Israel Bardugo
Some Austrian hospitals end religious circumcision
The governor of Vorarlberg has told hospitals run by Austria's westernmost province to suspend circumcisions motivated by religious custom, citing a German regional court ...
Full story 
Associated Press(07:31 , 07.25.12 )
Photo: AP
Jewish Museum to host medieval manuscripts from Bodleian Library
More than 60 Hebrew, Arabic and Latin medieval manuscripts from England's Bodleian Library in Oxford will be displayed, most for the first time in the United States, in a ...
Full story 
Reuters(15:15 , 07.24.12 )
Photo: AFP
57 Jewish tombs vandalized in Hungary
Vandals have desecrated 57 tombs containing the remains of around 250 people at a Jewish cemetery in Hungary, Jewish groups said Monday. "This is clearly motivated by ...
Full story 
AFP(07:21 , 07.24.12 )
Photo: Israel Bardugo
Swiss hospitals forgo circumcision
The anti-circumcision wave may have come to a stop in Germany but it's picking up speed in Switzerland. Two Swiss hospitals have announced that they will suspend ...
Full story 
Ynet(14:04 , 07.23.12 )
Photo: Reuters
Hollande compares Toulouse attacks to Holocaust
President Francois Hollande led ceremonies Sunday marking the 70th anniversary of the largest roundup of Jews in World War II France, and promised to crackdown on ...
Full story 
Associated Press(07:43 , 07.23.12 )
Photo courtesy of Yeshiva University
Yeshiva University's program triples in size
The Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future's “Counterpoint Israel Program,” a month-long service-learning initiative that aims to empower the next generation of ...
Full story 
Ynet(14:36 , 07.22.12 )
Photo: Ohad Romano
Bnei Akiva demands apology from reality TV star
The religious Zionist youth movement Bnei Akiva is demanding a public apology from author and publicist Hanoch Daum over the statements he made against the movement's ...
Full story 
Eran Bar-On(07:20 , 07.22.12 )
Israel's richest rabbis become savvy businessmen
One summer night, on the outskirts of a sleepy desert town, a who's who of Israel's elite gathered for an annual feast to honor a rabbi whose gaze is said to pierce the ...
Full story 


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Shabat Shalom & Shavua Tove

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