August, 24, 2012


The tragic story of a mother who mysteriously
killed  in one of the streets of Paris  over the
 custody fight with her husband who is
 a Prince from Saudi Arabia
Candice Cohen Ahnine who fought for
 parental custody of her daughter with
Saudi prince Sattam al-Saud falls to
 her death in Paris under 
mysterious circumstances

Leader of Far-right group and Hitler admirer
 says Jewish community should be expelled
 from Peru because 'they control global economy'

During visit to Kenya, Deputy Foreign Minister
 Danny Ayalon signs cooperation agreement aimed at
purifying waters of east African lake, improving lives of 
some 5 million people

In spite of Foreign Ministry reservations, delegation
 led by deputy finance minister visits Ankara, Istanbul
 for meetings with interfaith groups, Turkish officials
 to discuss diplomatic standstill

The nazi's shit eater, khamenei

Crazy, Stupid,Uneducate, Inhuman Fundamentalist and
The Follower of a Wild Animal like 'Hitler' ,
the president of iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Senior defense officials suspect that this could
 be part of intelligence-gathering efforts of 
terrorist groups that include the “Al-Quds Corp,”
 the Iranian Revolutionary Guards,
 and Hezbollah,
 in preparation for terrorist attacks around the world.

André Rieu And The Waltz Goes On
 composed by Anthony Hopkins


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