There's no need for a highly developed imagination
or a deep understanding of history to foresee to what
 extent the sabers would rattle in the aftermath of
an Israeli attack, which today more than ever
 looks like a near certainty.

and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot
 appear for the first time this year on Shanghai Jiao Tong
University's list of the world’s 100 top universities
The Technion, for a decade ranked
 between 101 and 150, rose to 78 following 
Prof. Dan Schechtman's 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry.
 The Weizmann Institute also moved up from 101-150 to...

Interior Ministry says Austrian preacher Mohamed
 Mahmoud urged Salafis to 'fight unbelievers' in Egypt


Only known natural examples of Dan Shechtman's
 quasicrystals, now used in everyday objects like razor
blades, non-stick frying pans, arrived on earth
 in meteorites, scientists find

Israel's Hebrew U, Technion
and Weizmann make list of
top 100 international universities
For first time, Technion and Weizmann
Institutes included in yearly list compiled by
 the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Bomb attached to fuel truck explodes near parking lot
 used by army command; rebels claim responsibility

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