Picture: Moses Pleading with Israel (illustration
 from a Bible card published 1907
by the Providence Lithograph Company)

In this week's Torah portion,
while on the brink of entering
 the Promised Land, Moses reminds 
the people that being fewer in numbers
 is no reason--and no excuse--to shirk
 their responsibilitiesMORE>
Moses Receiving the Tablets of the
 Law (painting by João Zeferino da Costa)

* TORAH * 

 Moses Says Goodbye
 Plus, a 
Beatboxed Shema

שמע ישראל אדוני אלוהינו אדוני אחד
Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God
 the Lord is One.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all 
your heart and with all your soul and with
 all your might

And these words that I command you today
 shall be in your heart.

And you shall teach them diligently to your
 children, and you shall speak of them
when you sit at home, and when you walk
 along the way, and when you lie down
 and when you rise up.

And you shall bind them as a sign on
 your hand, and they shall be for frontlets
 between your eyes.

And you shall write them on the doorposts
 of your house and on your gates.

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Jewish gymnast Aly Raisman 
dances ‘Hava Nagila’ to
 Olympic glory
Nice Jewish girl from Massachusetts stuns
 spectators and becomes the new focus of the U.S. squad

Finally, some words of comfort for Jerusalem and its people.
The haftarah selection is from Isaiah 40:1-26.
The Shabbat after Tisha B'av is known as Shabbat Nahamu--the Shabbat of comforting. The special name for this Shabbat is derived from the first words of the haftarah, “nahamu, nahamu”--meaning “be comforted, be comforted.” These words open one of Isaiah's most famous prophecies of consolation.


Family Court rules divorce recalcitrant
must pay high compensatory damages
to wife with whom he has not cohabited
since 2002. 'Refusing to grant a get violates
the values protected by Israel’s Basic Law:
 Human Dignity and Freedom,' says judge
According to tradition, collective
 transcendence above ego was
key for revelation
As a Jew I believe that there was a divine revelation
\ at Sinai thirty five hundred years ago. This
 revelation, I believe, took place in front of thousands of
people. But here’s the problem the believer confronts:
if God revels Himself to humankind, why has it only
 happened once in the course of history?

The answer may be found in the following a cryptic verse
 in Leviticus (9:6): Moses said, "This is the thing the
 Lord has commanded; do it, and the glory of the
 Lord will appear to you." Unfortunately, however,
 the “thing” one must do in order for the glory 
of God to appear to us is not stated clearly

Nuclear energy, at what price?
' Graffiti slogan in Tehran


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