Carter (Photo: AP)

Opinion, The end of the Jews
  By Dariush Fakheri

The record of the Jimmy carter as the president of the United States is marked by many failures. From facilitating the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, spreading it to every corner of the world to the final episode and the disastrous failure of the rescue operation to bring the American hostages back , his records is a testimony  of a failed president. He was also aware of the fact that he was elected, not because of his credentials and merit but because of the sentiments of the American public at the time and the sour taste of the Watergate in their mouth. Being only a one time president reinforced this fact further.
After Jimmy carter became the ex President Carter, he sought millions of Petro- Dollars of the Arab countries who supported his library and memorial efforts.
He had no choice to become radicalized and take side with the most liberal section of the society that are inherently subjective in their views and support the underdogs at any cost. This worked well because the Arabs loved to have a spoiler who would be their mouth piece in exploitation of the Palestinians cause rather than finding ways to get millions of them out of the misery in Arab refugee camps. The Arabs were looking for a prominent figure to become their partner in crime. Rather than educating generations of Palestinians and making them capable of earning a better life, they kept them without a bright future for generations to come in the refugee camps.

The senile efforts and comments by Jimmy Carter have always given ammunition to terrorists, dictators and the enemies of the Jews and Israel everywhere. By doing that, he would join a very closed and exclusive club of other rulers in history who desired to see the end of the Jews, based on personal anti-Semite feelings, and failed.

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