In this week's Torah portion, we read that Noah was reluctant to leave the ark after the flood had ended. Why? One commentator suggests that Noah knew what awaited him--and was terrified to face it. Learn what insights we can gain from Noah's post-flood reaction. MORE>

A flood destroys all living creatures, aside from Noah, his family, and the animals in their ark.
Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation.  Noah walked with God.
God said to Noah, "Because the earth is filled with wrongdoing and corruption and robbery I am going to destroy it.  Make yourself an ark of wood with enclosures for animals and gather food for all aboard.  I shall bring a flood through the water upon the earth and destroy all that has the spirit of life."


A letter From Rav Kook 
Contradictions between science and Torah appear particularly irreconcilable with respect to the Torah's description of the creation of the world and the beginnings of mankind. Are these accounts meant to be taken literally? Should we believe that the universe came into existence some 5,760 years ago? Must we reject the theory of evolution out of hand?
In a letter written in Jaffa in 1905, Rav Kook responded to questions concerning evolution and the geological age of the world. He put forth four basic arguments:

The dispersion of the descendants of 
Shem, Ham, and Japheth (map from
 the 1854 Historical Textbook and 
\Atlas of Biblical Geography)



גטו ורשה, ינואר 1940 (צילום: Gettyimages)

Warsaw Ghetto, 1940

נשים בגטו קוטנו ב-1940. לא מן הנמנע שייגר ביקש את רשותן לצלם ושוחח איתן (צילום: Gettyimages)

Women in Kutno Ghetto in 1940

גבר יהודי מדבר עם קצין וחיילים מיחידת הארטילריה הגרמנית בגטו קוטנו, 1940 (צילום: Gettyimages)

Jewish man speaks with German officers in Kutno, 1939 

גבר וילדים ליד מחסה מאולתר בגטו קוטנו, 1940 (צילום: Gettyimages)

Jewish man and children in Kutno, 1940

יהודים בגטו קוטנו, 1940 (צילום: Gettyimages)

Jews in Kutno Ghetto, 1940

מתכננים את המבצע. מתוך הסרטון

Kidnapper plan operation

המחבלים מול הטנק

Terrorists aim at IDF tank

מוצב כרם שלום, מתוך הסרטון
Kerem Shalom outpost

אחד החוטפים. המטרה הסופית נשמרה בסוד
One of the kidnappers

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