Sat, 3 November 2012 
18th of Cheshvan, 5773
י״ח בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ג


 Hagar and Ishmael

we make of Abraham’s actions in this week's portion? He negotiates with God about saving Sodom, but when he is commanded to sacrifice his son, he goes along with no complaint . MORE>

Three guests arrive at Abraham and Sarah's tent. They inform Abraham that God will give the elderly Sarah a child. The prophecy comes true, and they name their son Isaac.
As Abraham was sitting before his tent, after having circumcised himself, God appeared. Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw three men standing there. Abraham invited them to come in and made a fine meal for them. 





II Kings 4:1-37

The prophet Elisha 
performs two miracles.

This week's haftarah contains two stories about the prophet Elisha, a protégé of Elijah. In the first story an unnamed woman, traditionally identified as the wife of Obadiah, one of the minor prophets, comes to Elisha with a complaint. Her husband has died, and she is so destitute without him that her children are about to be taken away from her to be sold as slave


'You want the free spirit all the time', filmmaker

Rama Burshetein tells Haaretz. 'At 25, my free spirit
involved eating shrimp. Having sex. Now I know that
 the only free spirit is the connection with Hashem.’

From the film 'Fill the Void'

Karin Bar 
Democrats decry survey as 'unscientific,' citing ties
to conservative backer Ronald Lauder.
An early voting center - Reuters - October 30, 2012.

More than 150 have signed the online petition 
posted by alumni of the young adult leadership 
program in an effort to stave off the move.

Israel U.S. Jewish Americans May 22, 2011

Some radical Muslim clerics claim that Hurricane
 Sandy was punishment for US sins, specifically
 anti-Mohammed film, urging Americans to convert to Islam


יו"ר קדימה מציג את הקמפיין (צילם: ירון ברנר)

Netanyahu (C), his wife Sara and Hollande in Toulouse (Photo: Avi Ohayon, GPO)

Netanyahu and Hollande in Paris (Photo: Avi Ohayon, GPO)


Jewish Scene
Photo: Aner Green
Fighting violence against women, in Yiddish
The Bikur Holim Hospital in Jerusalem has begun handing out information leaflets about violence against women – in Yiddish. The target audience: Women from Hasidic ...
Full story 
Moshe Heller(13:05 , 11.02.12 )
Photo: Israel Bardugo
Using latest technology to train rabbis
An innovative Orthodox rabbinical ordination program is using the latest technology and tools to capture the hearts and minds of students from around the world. ...
Full story 
Ynetnews(07:25 , 11.02.12 )
Photo: Niv Rosenberg
Israeli rabbi: US got a 'nice hurricane'
While the US East Coast is still coming to grips with the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, some people are already making jokes at the Americans' expenses. Rabbi ...
Full story 
Kobi Nahshoni(13:41 , 11.01.12 )
Photo: AP
Sharing excitement of Ethiopian aliyah
Members of the Israel and Overseas Committee of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto were at Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday to greet some 240 new immigrants who had just ...
Full story 
David Shear(08:36 , 11.01.12 )
Photo courtesy of Shalom Hartman Institute
US Jews: Ashamed of Israel, proud to be Jewish
While in Israel the election campaign is still warming up, US Jews have been in the height of the "hot season", as it is defined by Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, for quite a while ...
Full story 
Tali Farkash(20:39 , 10.31.12 )
Photo: Reuters
Secret life of 'ordinary' housewife in WWII Berlin
Sigrid appears to be an ordinary Berlin housewife at the height of World War II stoically enduring air raids, food shortages and the absence of her husband at the Russian ...
Full story 
Reuters(07:32 , 10.31.12 )
Photo: AP
Top French firefighter makes aliyah
A well-established person leaves Paris, the city which can offer you anything you want, moves to Eilat and reports for volunteer service at the local fire department. ...
Full story 
Yair Sagi(14:50 , 10.30.12 )
Photo: Reuters
Holocaust assets waiting for rightful heirs
The Hashava Company, established by the Knesset to locate heirs of Holocaust victims entitled to assets currently held in Israel, has embarked on a campaign in the United ...
Full story 
Ynetnews(07:06 , 10.30.12 )
'Rabbi Aviner presents women as threat'
Prominent Religious Zionism Rabbi Shlomo Aviner's recent ruling, that women in Israel should not run for parliament, has sparked a religious dispute about the borders of ...
Full story 
Kobi Nahshoni(14:44 , 10.29.12 )
Photo: Government Press Office
'Cultural Jews' define themselves on their own terms
An Ipsos Internet poll of 1,000 American Jews reveals that one in six are purposefully looking for a way to express themselves Jewishly and engage with their Jewish ...
Full story 


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