From lighting candles, to spinning
 tops and jelly donuts, Jerusalem's cold
Old City streets come alive at the
 winter festival of light. (Video

A hannukiyah lights up the cold winter night in Jerusalem. Photo by Flash90.

Wacky, imaginative, and futuristic: Some of
the coolest new interactive exhibitions and
visitors centers in the world are being
designed in Tel Aviv.

Disk In Pro is busy at work on the hotel of the future, where guests can choose personalized virtual surroundings.
Wacky, outlandish? Disk In Pro believes their Imagine Hotel could be the wave of the future.
The Living Ocean drew lots of visitors to Israel’s pavilion at the World Expo in Korean. Photo by Hyuli.

An Israeli software technologist introduces
an independent learning and computer
literacy tool she’s been developing
since her teen was a tot.

Software technologist Racheli Van Buren invented a special keyboard for use with Webee.
Abigail Klein Leichman is a writer and associate
editor at ISRAEL21c. Prior to moving to Israel
in 2007, she was a specialty writer and
 copy editor at a daily newspaper in New Jersey
and has freelanced for a variety of newspapers
and periodicals since 1984.

A freak accident nearly drowned her three
years ago. Now Jasmine Feingold, 23, is
paddling toward the 2016 Olympics.

'Pixplit is the first app that uses the concept of
connecting with people in the third degree
 of separation,' says Israeli co-founder Jay Meydad

The Pixplit team: Jay Meydad, Adi Binder and Nir Holtzman Ninio.


During the venture’s first year, more than 60 
different ‘Lofters’ raised an accumulated $8 million.
TechLoft’s signage is all in English.
Israeli scientists find a way to generate millimeter
 rays and use them to render cancer cells
incapable of reproducing.

Israeli scientists hope to be able to render cancer cells like this one incapable of reproducing. Image via Shutterstock.com

Using the new complex science of DNA origami,
 an Israeli biologist folds genetic material into a
 unique targeted delivery system for drug

This image of the DNA nanobot, courtesy of Shawn Douglas, was created with Molecular Maya and Cadnano software.

A freak accident nearly drowned her
 three years ago. Now Jasmine Feingold,
22, is paddling toward the 2016 Olympics.

Feingold wants to purchase her own boat, but for now uses one provided by the club. Photo by Abigail Klein Leichman
Feingold goes out on the water every day. Photo by Abigail Klein Leichman

Shortly after leaving Paris for Israel at age 18, Edouard Cukierman began building cross-continental economic bridges. He’s now chairman of the largest investment team in Israel.

“We enjoy selling Israel to the European investor community,” says Edouard Cukierman.

A revolutionary new seed treatment from Morflora
could improve the world’s agricultural output,
without the need for worrying genetic engineering.

Morflora can deliver any genetic trait to any seed without transforming the genome of the treated plant. Photo by Shutterstock.
The Morflora team in the field.

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