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16 Sivan, 5773 
May 25, 2013

This week's portion marks a low point for biblical heroine Miriam: She is struck with leprosy after speaking critically with Aaron about their brother Moses. MORE>

The Israelites receive instructions regarding Passover; they journey forth from Sinai and complain to God on several occasions, provoking God's anger; Miriam and Aaron speak against Moses.

Zekhariah prophesied towards the end of the 70 years that separated the destruction of the First Temple from the dedication of the Second Temple.

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16 Sivan, 5773 
May 25, 2013

Photo: Gil Yohanan
Hasidim attend 'wedding of the decade'
VIDEO - Tens of thousands of servings of cholent, thousands of production workers and ushers, hundreds of rabbis and rebbes, dozens of choir members and one "heir," just ...
Full story 
Kobi Nachshoni(15:44 , 05.24.13 )
Photo: AFP
Merkel accepts European Jewry prize
VIDEO – German Chancellor Angela Merkel was given the Lord Jakobits Prize for European Jewry at a ceremony at the Great Synagogue of Europe in Brussels. During the ...
Full story 
jn1.tv and Ynetnews(07:33 , 05.24.13 )
Photo: Shutterstock
Haredi ad: Tight pants may seduce women
Ads posted recently in ultra-Orthodox areas in Jerusalem quote prominent Ashkenazi Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky as saying that men who "intentionally" wear tight pants will be ...
Full story 
Moshe Heller(15:34 , 05.23.13 )
Photo: AP
Biden: Jewish leaders drove gay marriage changes
US Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues. Biden said culture and arts changed ...
Full story 
Associated Press(07:29 , 05.23.13 )
Haredi press ignores Beersheba massacre
While the massacre perpetrated by Itamar Alon on Monday at a Beersheba branch of Bank Hapoalim sent the country spiraling into shock, the ultra-Orthodox media ignored ...
Full story 
Kobi Nachshoni(14:25 , 05.22.13 )
Photo: AFP
Jews of Cape Verde's past honored
Descendants of Cape Verde's Jewish community, a diverse, multi-cultural Diaspora from around the world, stand in silent homage to the memory of their ancestors in a ...
Full story 
AFP(07:56 , 05.22.13 )
Sex ed book in Hebrew for Israel's haredim
A how-to book translated into Hebrew aims to teach Israel's Orthodox Jews about sex, targeting an audience typically mum on the steamy subject. The book, "The ...
Full story 
Associated Press(14:50 , 05.21.13 )
Photo: Reuters
Hundreds protest anti-Semitism in Malmo
VIDEO – Several hundred Jews and people of other faiths and none marched in the southern Swedish city of Malmo over the weekend to bring attention to intolerance and ...
Full story 
jn1.tv(08:19 , 05.21.13 )
Photo: Gabi Menashe
Reform in religious services slammed
Liberal movements in Israel have expressed their reservations over a reform in religious services announced Sunday by Minister Naftali Bennett, stating that the only real ...
Full story 
Kobi Nachshoni(15:45 , 05.20.13 )
Photo: AP
Muslim clerics to visit Auschwitz
VIDEO - Fourteen Muslim clerics from across the globe will visit the former Nazi Auschwitz death camp in southern Poland this week as part of a Holocaust awareness and ...
Full story 
AFP(07:48 , 05.20.13 )
Jerusalem: Haredim destroy theater ads
Jerusalem's old-new face? Dozens of Khan Theater ads were destroyed last week along the entrance to Jerusalem and Highway 1. The vandals sprayed the image of an actress ...
Full story 
Noam (Dabul) Dvir(14:00 , 05.19.13 )
Photo: Shalom Bar Tal
Report: Czech anti-Semitism fairly low
A new study by Prague's Jewish community says that anti-Semitism in the Czech Republic remains at a relatively low level, despite an increase of attacks on the Internet. ...
Full story 
Associated Press(07:28 , 05.19.13 )
Photo: AFP
Venezuela president claims Jewish roots
VIDEO – Venezuela’s new President Nicolas Maduro has scoffed at accusations that the country’s leadership is hostile to Jews, explaining that he himself has roots in ...
Full story 
jn1.tv(08:27 , 05.18.13 )
Photo: Aviv Hofi
Introducing world's longest Shabbat table
The world's longest Shabbat table was set up recently in the central Israeli city of Bnei Brak. The table, which is 60 meters (197 feet) long, comfortably seats more than ...
Full story 
Tali Farkash(14:24 , 05.17.13 )
Photo: AFP
Christian churches back Hungarian Jews
VIDEO – When Hungarian radical right-wingers rallied against a Jewish conference in Budapest in early May, a well-known Protestant pastor hid behind the stage while his ...
Full story 
Reuters(07:47 , 05.17.13 )
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