Tehran threatens pet owners with fines,
 pet 'confiscation' as canines considered
 unclean in strict Islamic interpertation

uring meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Elkin
, Pope Francis says he has plans to visit Jewish state
Members of British Jewish community
gather to pay tribute to chief rabbi of
 United Hebrew Congregations of Commonwealth,
 who will step down later this year

Cost forecast is part of offshore well
development plan US-Israeli consortium
building natural gas field recently
 presented government with

Leviathan natural gas field. 
World's largest offshore

discovery of past decade
Parts of Haswell processor, which is making its
 way to nearly all new computers around the
 world, developed by team of 80 Israelis in
 chip giant's Haifa, Yakum centers.
New Intel CEO to visit Israel on 
Thursday, meet with local employees

Jacobs coffee brand marks Israeli
president's 90th birthday by creating
 his portrait from 6,000 cups of hot
 beverage, breaking its own
 Guinness World Record

Source involved in production of legendary
 American singer's concert tour says she is
 planning surprise for her audience in
 Israel in two weeks

UEFA holds firm against calls from
 pro-Palestinian activists to move
 tournament away from Jewish state,
 which is staging its most important
international sporting event in 45 years

"תהיה זו הפתעה אם ארדואן ייכנע למפגינים". "הורייט"

גם העיתון השמרני מתח ביקורת על ראש הממשלה. "טודיי זמאן" 
Today's Zaman



Anti-Semitism and Dirty behavear

Ilana Kartysh, who won gold medal
 in Golden Grand Prix tournament
 in Italy, tells Ynet about violent
 incident she experienced in semi-final
 when her opponent broke her fingers,
 bit her.
 'I can't remember such dirty behavior in sports,' she says

Frank Lautenberg was oldest member
of US Senate, last vet of WWII to serve.
 Jews remember him for Lautenberg Law,
 which enabled mass immigration from USSR.
 Considered one of the strongest supporters
 of Israel on Capitol Hill

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