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Bob Rosenschein's newest venture 
makes it easier for Web surfers to 
get the information they need with
 a minimum number of clicks.

The size of the pop-up window that Curiyo displays in the desktop browser is the exact dimensions of an iPhone screen

The size of the pop-up window that Curiyo displays in the desktop browser is the exact dimensions of an iPhone screen

sraeli websites HomeDine and EatWith
kick off a new homey trend in vacation dining,
 creating cross-cultural experiences at the table.

A chance to expand your culinary horizons and meet locals at the same time. Photo courtesy of EatWith
Why eat at a restaurant on vacation when you can share a meal with a local family? Photo courtesy of EatWith
People enjoy sharing their cooking with visitors. Photo courtesy of EatWith
Biodesign Innovation Program benefits 
from the expertise of Jerusalem's best
 and brightest in medicine, business,
engineering and law

MetaboShield could make gastric bypass surgery a thing of the past. Photo courtesy of the Hebrew University

Israel's Broken Fingaz Crew uses its 
signature bold graffiti to liven up the
 world's urban architecture.

This Broken Fingaz work is found in London. Photo by Unga/Broken Fingaz Crew
An album cover drawn by Kip. Photo by Kip/Broken Fingaz Crew
Three walls of graffiti by Broken Fingaz Crew in Chengdu, China. Photo by Kip/Broken Fingaz Crew

Volunteer 'social improvement teams' 
from Tze'ela give ordinary Israelis a
 systematic, 10-step process to address
 problems in society.

ISEF scholarship students found community service opportunities through Tze’ela improvement teams.
Ma’agalim volunteers identified community needs through the Tze’ela process improvement method.

BoneCure, a revolutionary artificial membrane
 that speeds and simplifies bone re-growth in
 pets, may also be headed for the human market.

BoneCure makes pets like Rosa feel better.
The BoneCure sleeve.
Here is how BoneCure works.

Israeli startup’s Alcohol Analytics aims to
 track how much beer is consumed in a bar, at
 what times, and which brands are most popular.
Keeping track of beer on tap. Image via Shutterstock.com


How you write could reveal if you are developing Parkinson’s disease. Image via Shutterstock.com

BoneCure, a revolutionary artificial
BoneCure makes pets like Rosa feel better. membrane that speeds and simplifies
 bone re-growth in pets, may also be
 headed for the human market.

Using Itamar’s WatchPAT, doctors can diagnose sleep disorders like sleep apnea, at home.

Israel’s Itamar Medical has developed fingertip tests that can pinpoint people at risk of major cardiac events, or diagnose sleep disorders.


Budding Israeli fashion designers create heritage
 gowns in a new exhibit which opens in Israel and 
travels the world.
Chen Ariel Nachman’s “Tree of Life” design.

You thought the citrus fruit was only for religious purposes? A popular Yemenite medicine man touts its health benefits in drinks and cosmetics.

‘The menu was born out of the kitchen and the bakery, two which seldom meet,’ say the baker-chef pair who opened this bread concept café.
Bread is the start of the story at Bread Story.

It’s not just about French toast, but you’ll find that here too.
At this Tel Aviv café, bread becomes the meal.
Chef Yogev Yaros: “I wanted to evoke a memory and create a new experience.”

Pomegranates (rimonim in Hebrew) add color and symbolism to Rosh Hashana tables worldwide. Here’s why you should try one.

In praise of the pomegranate. Photo by Flash90.

 The pomegranate figures prominently in Israeli artworks, such as this mosaic in Jerusalem by Ruslan Sergeev.

Pomegranate seeds are beautiful and healthful.
Juran’s seed separator at work.
Dr. Ephraim Lansky with a pomegranate flower.

Tel Aviv’s Uriel Yekutiel is the king – and

 queen – of after-hour parties throughout
 Europe, South America and Canada.
Just don’t call him a drag queen. Photo by Ronen Akerman


See the country’s gorgeous landscapes from
above in one of five cable railway options.

The cable car at Rosh Hanikra.

The Light Rail System in Jerusalem. Photo by Flash90.

On ISRAEL21c’s Journey to Israel, you will come face to face with some of the extraordinary people making Israel and the world a better place.
“Professor Sancho” clowning for young patients at Emek Medical Center.
Prof. Yossi Leshem, Israel’s foremost bird expert.

Shaike El-Ami, revolutionizing Jerusalem. Photo by Abigail Klein Leichman

Turning sand into art at the Land of Israel Museum. Photo by Flash90.This summer at the Land of Israel Museum: Tales in the Sand, 15 lifelike sculptures of characters from the biblical Samson to Alice in Wonderland.

Mount Gilboa view. Image via Shutterstock.com
Some of Israel’s best water play can be found 
at the foothills of the Gilboa mountain range.

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