September 28, 2013

Isaiah 42:5-43:11

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The first chapter of Genesis written 
on an egg in the Israel Museum.

Year 5774

You Can Run But
 You Can't Hide
How do we, like Adam and Eve, 
hide from taking responsibility
 for our decisions and actions?

The first two chapters of Bereshit (Genesis) give
 us a picture of the world as it is first created.
It is new, perfect, and full of promise.
 Yet once human beings are created, 
problems occur as we face our humanity,
 our mortality, our modesty, and our
 relationship with God.
Oh Adam and Eve, Eden was so great.
 And then you had to go and
 ruin it for all of us .... MORE>




Year 5774

The Third Day of Creation (woodcut
from the 1860 Die Bibel in Bildern)

In this Torah portion, God creates the world with words. After Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, they are banished from the Garden of Eden. Later Cain kills Abel. God then considers destroying all of Creation.
In the beginning of God's creating the heavens and the earth, when the earth was astonishingly empty and dark, God's spirit hovered upon the surface of the waters.   

God said, "Let there be light.

God saw that the light was good. There was light of day and a dark of night, morning and evening, one day." God said, "Let there be a firmament, a Heaven, separating the waters and dry land."  God named the dry land Earth, and the waters Seas and then God brought forth from the earth seeds and plants and fruit trees. God said, "Let there be for earth light-bearers of a sun for the day, the moon and stars for the night. Let the seas swarm with living creatures and let there be birds to fly in the sky. God saw all that God create More


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10 Articles


Isaiah 42:5-43:11

  To complement the creation of the

 world, a promise of redemption.

.This week's Torah portion tells the
 story of the world's creation, and 
the haftarah provides its own sort
 of commentary on the 
Torah's first parashah.

Isaiah introduces God at the beginning 
of this haftarah as "the One who created
 the heavens and stretched them out, who
 made the earth and all that 
grows in it" (42:5).

But Isaiah doesn't stop there. Instead,
 he draws a connection between creating
 the world to fulfill a specific task and 
creating the Israelites to fulfill their
 covenant. And he urges everyone to
 proclaim the glory of God:  Continue 




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