The man who thought me to fly

Israeli app-makers help you find your 
music soul mates, turn your party guests
 into photographers, and earn Facebook
 followers for your business.

Israeli apps are revolutionizing the way we socialize and network. Photo via Shutterstock.com

Sharing music.
Twinklr homepage
The Tel Aviv-based company has 
developed a new way to make 
more sense of the TV 
experience in the social-networking age. 

A sample of Stevie’s Celeb TV channel.

Nine wineries make modern use
 of the ancient Nabatean
 grape-growing terraces in Israel’s
 Negev Desert, a perfect climate
 for the craft

How a 90-year-old Ethiopian 
nun stole the show at the city’s
 Sacred Music Festival

Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Gebru at the piano. Photo by Tal Shachar/Jerusalem Season of Culture
Gebru accepting flowers from Maya Dunietz after a performance of her music. Photo by Tal Shachar/Jerusalem Season of Culture
The Sacred Music Festival marked the first professional performance of Gebru’s work. Photo by Tal Shachar/Jerusalem Season of Culture

the Israeli discovery of a 
cancer-driving protein could
 lead to a new weapon in the
 currently losing battle against
 brain tumors.

Regina Golan-Gerstl, Ph.D.
Regina Golan-Gerstl, Ph.D.

Rotem Karni, Ph.D.

Rotem Karni, Ph.D.

srael’s scientists are behind a range 
of innovations that dramatically
 improve eyesight or quality of life
 for people with vision impairments.

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome
 may overcome infertility by consuming
 more calories in the morning, according 
to Israeli researchers

If you have trouble conceiving because of PCOS, try eating a heartier breakfast. Image via Shutterstock.com

Code Lab for mentoring 'new Googlers' 
opens with fanfare at Google Israel
 headquarters in Tel Aviv, following
 launch of Campus for Moms.

Chinese billionaire puts Israeli high-tech
 education on his Horizons, with a 
commitment to the Technion’s Israel
 campus and a new one in Shantou.
Signing of the agreement on September 29 are, from left sitting, Prof. Gu Peihua of Shantou University and Prof. Peretz Lavie, president of the Technion; and standing, Frank Sixt, co-director of the Li Ka-shing Foundation; Lu Kun from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; Li Ka-shing Foundation co-director Solina Chau; Li Ka-shing; Governor Zhu Xioadan of the Guangdong Province; Israeli Minister of Science, Technology and Space Yaakov Peri; Danny Yamin, chairman of the Technion Council; and Technion Senior Executive Vice President Prof. Paul Feigin.

sraeli company is revolutionizing the glass
 industry with smart glass that can become
 opaque or transparent at the touch 
of a button.

Gauzy glass in use at a hotel in Tel Aviv.
Eyal Peso, CEO of Gauzy.
Gauzy glass is being used in the visitor’s center at the biblical archaeological site of Shilo, north of Jerusalem.

The Gauzy offices.

‘I have always preferred to look at my
 successes and examine why they
 worked. It’s the successes we tend to
 take for granted, and that’s a mistake
he volunteer program gives teens
 responsibility for handling essential
 firefighting tasks, propelling many
 to future careers.

Scouts at the Fire and Rescue training school in Rishon LeZion. Photo courtesy of JNF
Fire Scout Eliana Lewis at Neot Kedumim nature reserve. Photo courtesy of JNF
Fire Scouts with Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovich at an awards ceremony after completing training. Photo courtesy of JNF

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