Kerry in Geneva: No agreement yet 

Kerry in Geneva (Photo: AFP)

Pause for effect? 
Daily Beast reports US has effectively been easing sanctions since Rohani took office
Photo: AP, AFP
MB to particiapte in elections 
Egyptian FM announces elections to be held with Brotherhood, as protests leave kid dead
Photo: AFP
Inconclusive evidence 
Report quoted by Palestinians claims findings insufficient to prove Yasser Arafat was poisoned
Photo: AFP

Yasser Arafat  'did not die a natural death' (Photo:AP)

Netanyahu: Iranians got everything (Photo: Shaul Golan, Yedioth Ahronoth)

Comic book incites against haredi troops
After a break of several months in the campaign against ultra-Orthodox soldiers, extreme haredi groups are resuming their battle ahead of the approval of the IDF draft ...
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Photo: Gettyimages Imagebank
Book offers fresh look at Kristallnacht
As Germany prepares to mark the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht this weekend, a new book calls into question the event long cited as triggering the pogrom. The ...
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Photo: Y. Belinko, Chabad On Line website
Chabad emissary makes full recovery
Chabad emissary to Russia Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, who was shot and seriously injured by an Islamic terrorist in the Dagestan region about three months ago, attended the ...
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Photo: AP
US rabbis: Rabbinate won't recognize us
Dozens of Orthodox rabbis from the United States are accusing the Chief Rabbinate of Israel of challenging their rabbinic credentials by rejecting letters attesting to ...
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Photo: Reuters
Anti-Semitic souvenirs sold in Poland
A survey commissioned recently by the leadership of the Jewish community in Warsaw revealed that 54% of Poles believe Jews have "too much influence on the global ...
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Photo: Yehuda Broin
Montreal: Hasidic woman elected councillor
History was made in Canada this week, and in the entire ultra-Orthodox world in general. A Vizhnitz Hasidic woman was elected Sunday as borough councillor in Outremont, ...
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Photo: Orot
Rabbi, cardinal find common language
A cardinal, a senior rabbi and a professor meet at a religious university campus. That's not the start of a joke, but the beginning of a fascinating interfaith dialogue. ...
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Photo: Reuters
Women of Wall mark 25 years of struggle
VIDEO - Exactly 25 years after launching their struggle for equality and freedom of religion at the Western Wall plaza, members of the Women of the Wall organization held ...
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Photo: Yaron Brener
'Toldot': Isaac's destructive loves
The first loves in the Bible all belong to our forefather Isaac. He is the first child who is described as "loved" and the first man who loved a woman. He loved his ...
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