Wed, Nov. 20. 2013
 17th of Kislev, 5774

Lieberman: Ties with 

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei 

Officials claim Islamic Republic invested $40 billion 
over last 20 years in constructing, operating nuclear
 facilities, yet sanctions led to additional deficit
 of $130 billion in Iranian economy


Jacqueline Kennedy at JFK's funeral (Photo: Getty Imags)
US President John F. Kennedy Photo: AFPGolda Meir Photo: Herman Hanita, GPO

Margie Oppenheimer (L) participates in yoga class 

US Army document that Karkoc said he performed 
no military service during war 

Woman stands near mass grave, monument in
 village of Chlaniow, Poland, that holds bodies 
of Poles killed in 1944 attack by Nazi SS-led 
Ukrainian Self Defense Legion

Benjamin Netanyahu Orders Building of 2,000 New Homes in East Jerusalem

A taste of Afghanistan: Simintov's shop (Photo: Reuters)
The last Jew and his kebabs (Photo: Reuters)

Thousands of Afghan Jews fled abroad (Photo: Reuters)

His wife and children made aliyah (Photo: Reuters)

Cemetary of stone (Photo: Reuters)

Getting ready for tefillin (Photo: Reuters)

PM: I asked leaders to wait with Iran deal 

Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO)

'Nuclear rights are a red line' 
Iranian President Rohani says Tehran 'won't bow its head to threats from any authority'  
Hassan Rohani (Photo: AP)

Egypt to expand Russia ties 
Russian ministers to visit Cairo, discuss arms sales, following Egypt's fall out with US
Russian Foreign Ministerv Sergei Lavrov (Photo: AFP)

Ashton and Zarif (Photo: EPA)
Ashton and Zarif (Photo: EPA)

Kerry with EU's Ashton in Geneva (Photo: AFP)
Talks with Iran to continue Saturday (Photo: AFP)
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif (Photo: AFP, VIOLAINE MARTIN)
Iranian FM Javad Zarif in Geneva
Kerry, Ashton in Geneva (Photo: AP)

Amid negotiation tensions,
 Obama tells Netanyahu
he's committed to nuclear 
weapons free Iran

Kerry in Geneva: No nuclear deal yet (Photo: AFP)
A sticker simulating broken glass on a shop window in Berlin to mark 'Kristallnacht' anniversary

Netanyahu: Iranians got everything (Photo: Shaul Golan, Yedioth Ahronoth)

Netanyahu. 'Firm Line' Photo: EPAKerry. 'Premature deal' Photo: AP

The world's largest and most advanced underground hospital is preparing to open its doors in Norther


The Tamar gas processing rig off the coast of Israel

Jordan King Abdullah

Jewish man in front of swastika at Shoah memorial

Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville during 2011 Manchester United match               

Yasser Arafat  'did not die a natural death' (Photo:AP)

Morsi supporters in Cairo (Photo: AP)
Kerry in Cairo (Photo: AFP)

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