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Isaac Blessing Jacob (engraving by
from the 1865 La Sainte Bible)

How can we understand the actions of Jacob, 
who with the help of his mother Rebekah, 
plots to steal the blessing promised to Esau 
and trick his blind MORE>

Esau Selling His Birthright (painting circa 1627 by Hendrick ter Brugghen)

File:Book of Genesis Chapter 25-3 (Bible Illustrations by Sweet Media).jpg
God said ' Two nations are within you.” 
Esau and Jacob Presented to Isaac (painting circa 1779–1801 by Benjamin West)
They pray to God. Rebekah soon feels violent
 movement within her womb. She asks God why 
she feels fighting within her, and God answers,
 “Two nations are in your womb and two states. 
They will be divided from one another, starting 
from within you. One state shall become mightier
 than the other and the mighty
 one shall serve the lesser.” More 
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Isaac, A Lover of Peace 
(illustration from a Bible card published 1906
 by the Providence Lithograph Company)


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God's expectations for the 

Israelites and the priests.

Malakhi lived in the 5th century BCE 

and was the last of all of the prophets.

Because Malakhi means "my messenger,"
 it is probably not a personal name, but 
rather a vague title for a man who was
 known only as a messenger fromGod
His short book of prophecy is full of
 frustration and disappointment with 
the people and their lackluster 
Temple service


Revelations from God

Prophecy in the Biblical Sense
The authority of the traditions
 of the Bible in Judaism is
 founded prophets

The Bible describes various people
as having received direct revelations
 from God. The revelation to Moses is
 seen by later tradition as prophecy par 
In the accounts of the patriarchs, we
 encounter God in rela­tion to man, 
communicating directly with him. 
This is not prophecy in the strict sense, 
however, since the phenomenon of 
prophecy, in the biblical view, involves 
the prophet's having been charged with a
 messageto communicate. It is only with
 Moses, in the Book of Exodus, that we 
encounter aprophet who is sent to the
 people to deliver the word of God.


In the Talmud (Kiddushin 29a)*, there is a list of things
miriamthat parents are obligated to do for their child after birth. 
Interestingly enough, basic necessities such as providing
 food, shelter, care, and love for a child are absent from
 the list.Talmudists felt that these were items likely not
 to be neglected by parents and therefore 
unnecessary to mention. Instead, “spiritual care” items 
are listed related to the obligation to provide a child with
 knowledge about values, morals, and a sense of shared 
history or collective memory (Torah). 



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