Second blast in Russia's

 Volgograd city kills at
 least 14 on trolleybus

Terror strikes Russian city for second
 time in less than 24 hours as electric
 bus explodes. Sunday's blast claimed 
lives of 17 people in suicide attack at
 train station
News agencies
12. 30.20 13

Women pilots in the IAF (Photo: Tal Shachar)
Woman Pilots In The IAF




Radical chic in the entertainment biz

Emma Thompson. (Photo by Getty Images)
Emma Thompson.

Saving Mr. Banks, the new film
 chronicling Walt Disney’s bid 
to secure movie rights to Mary 
Poppins, was released on Friday.
 Although an incredibly talented
 and innovative animator, director and 
producer, Disney’s reputation will be
 forever tarnished by his well-known
 anti-Semitism and support for racist
 causes. Disney participated in several 
racist initiatives, including the pro-Nazi 
German American Bund and was a
 close friend of the Nazi propagandist 
and Hitler confidante Leni Riefenstahl.
He was also allied with the Motion
 Picture Alliance for the Preservation 
of American Ideals, 
Walt Disney

another anti-Semitic organization.


Budapest, which houses one of Europe's largest Jewish
 communities with about 100,000 Jews, is in the middle
 of a dynamic revival fueled by young people, innovators,
 and creative thinkers. Central to this renaissance is Judafest,
 a JDC-supported street festival that draws both Jews and non-Jews.
 The future of Hungarian Jewry is strong and bright.

The Renaissance of the Grand Choral Synagogue of Saint Petersburg



Native-born Israelis are called “Sabras.
 ” Like the cactus plant of the same name,
 they are supposedly
 prickly on the outside,
 but sweet on the inside.

Jewish soldiers serve in the armies of Christian countries, and there is no reason why Christian soldiers should not serve in the army of a Jewish country."

A SOLDIER from the Nahal Reconnaissance Company looks out at the border with Syria.

Reconnaissance Company looks out at 

A Cheristian, Arab, Israeli SOLDIER 
From The Nahal the border with Syria.

A Christian Arab soldier receiving a certificate of appreciation from Father Gabriel Naddaf during a recent event in Nazareth (photo credit: courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

A Christian Arab soldier receiving a 

certificate of appreciation from Father

 Gabriel Naddaf during a recent event in 


 (photo credit: courtesy IDF 

Spokesperson's Unit)

Christian Arab Border Policemen and soldiers flank deputy minister MK Ofir Akunis (Photo credit: courtesy: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Christian Arab border policemen and soldiers 
flank deputy minister MK Ofir Akunis
 (photo credit: courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
Shirin Shlian
Ala Wahib
Credit: Philassie

Were dried insects in threat envelope? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Were dried insects in threat envelope?


Hollywood blockbuster portrays 
Israel as a shining example, dedicated 
to safety, security, and
 helping other nations in need. 

World War Z helicopter scene
Israeli actress with Brad Pitt

Parting of Red Sea

ipuwer papyrus

Photo: AFP
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah."Resources are being damaged" 

Enlarge image

Woman caught driving in Saudi Arabia
 pulled over by police, who call her
 husband to accompany her back home

Preserving memory for future generations (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)
Preserving memory for future generations 


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