News in English-6.28.14

6.28.2014 Issue In English


Photo: EPA/Archive

Ambassador Prosor 
Slams Arab Hypocrisy

Dancing with Prayer for the

 Kidnapped Teens (Western Wall)

Sent by Susan Halimi

The remains of a car hit in an Israeli air strike, Gaza.

The municipality of Umm al-Fahm stated that
 they were against the protest. "The organizers 
actually approached us to join them... but
 we refused."

Protestors threw rocks at police.
Riot police showed up in force and dispersed the crowd.

Netanyahu has 2 pieces of advice 

for the Presbyterian church

The Presbeyterian Church has now come to a decision to divest its holdings in companies that do business with Israel. Netanyahu in his poised way, spells it out. There is no place in the Middle East that a Christian of any sort could live or visit safely or easily with the exception of the State of Isreal. But let’s not confuse the Presbyterians with the facts

23rd African Union Summit in Equatorial Guinea (Photo: AFP)

Egyptian President al-Sisi (Photo: EPA)
Egyptian President al-Sisi 

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA

A Jewish worshiper praying in a cave at Ghriba, 
the oldest synagogue in North Africa.

Jewish pilgrims singing traditional songs during the annual Ghriba pilgrimage, when hundreds of Jewish visitors from Israel, France and the United States visit the synagogue to celebrate the feast of s

Flowers auctioned to raise funds for the Ghriba synagogue, whose foundations were first laid in 586 B.C.

Tunisia has been a center of Jewish life since at least Roman times, but only about 2,000 Jews remain in the country.CreditSamuel Aranda for The New York Times
Tunisian boys studied in Djerba’s remaining Talmudic school.

Say cheese! Douglas with restaurant staff
Say cheese! Douglas with restaurant staff

Happy family in Jerusalem (Photo: Gabriel Smith and Yehiel Solomon)
Happy family in Jerusalem 
Hermann Goering's 1941 Mercedes Benz coupe (Photo: Reuters)
Hermann Goering's 1941 Mercedes Benz coupe 
Tel Aviv White Night 2014 (Photro: Shutterstock)

Tel Aviv White Night 2014 

Dancing in the streets, Indian Style (Photo: Israel Melubani)

Dancing in the streets, Indian Style 

Live performances across the city (Photo: Kfir Sivan)
Live performances across the city

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