July 10th of 2014

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SUNDAY JULY 13th - 2014

We stand united with our brothers and sisters in Israel

Join us this Sunday to show America & the world

and support her right to protect her citizens
Sunday, July 13th, 2014
 4:00 pm
Federal Building
Wilshire Blvd. & Veteran Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.
Support Israel to defend herself & her citizens

  • In the last 72 hours over 300 rockets have been fired into Israel's largest cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
  • 3.5 million Israeli civilians are living under fire or in bomb shelters.
  • No country would remain passive in the face of hundreds of rockets targeting her cities - Israel is no exception.

  • Plese bring water.
  • Please do not engage opposing protesters.
  • Please stay on sidewalks.
  • Please note restrooms are not on site.

We Stand United With Israel Partners:




A BBC report has found that many 
of the photographs used to illustrate
 the situation in Gaza are from years ago
, and even from the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

IAF strike on Gaza (Photo: EPA)

7 . 11 . 2014 Early Morning

At least one rocket fired from Lebanon exploded early Friday morning in an open are near Metula, Israel's most northern town sitting on the Lebanese border.

IAF attacks Gaza terror targets
IAF attacks Gaza terror targets (Photo: AFP)

Gaza terror warehouse targeted (Photo: IDF)

Gaza terror warehouse targeted (Photo: IDF)

Watching footage from the

 Israel-Gaza battlefield 

Hamas Operating in

 Civilian Population

 for Terror Activities

Life in Israel: Gaza Rockets

 Interrupt Wedding in Ashdod

Hamas Terrorists Infiltrate
 Israel and are Neutralized

Gaza Terrorists Fire

 Rockets from Civilian Areas

We Can't Pause It, 

But We Must Stop It

IDF Soldiers Preparing

 Defense on Gaza Border

Iron Dome Intercepts 

Rockets Over Ashdod

Rocket in Sderot (Photo: Reuters)
Rocket in Sderot 

Rocket debris falls in southern Tel Aviv

Rocket debris hits car in Tel Aviv (Photo: AP)
Rocket debris hits car in Tel Aviv 

Damage to Netivot pre-school (Photo: Herzl Yossef)
Damage to Netivot pre-school 

Tel Aviv residents shelter from rockets in tower block stairwell (Photo: Noa Mayer)
Tel Aviv residents shelter from rockets in tower block stairwell 
Photo: AFP

Roof of attacked cowshed
Roof of attacked cowshed


Editor Note About the Above Subject
ALLAH - O -  AKBAR " they say, encouraging each other to say " Salavat - Al _ Mohammed " Show themselves happy of a rocket attack from their real country GAZA to the Land which is giving them Freedom of Speech, Free Educations ( In their Language ) Free Health Care, Free Tax of Income ( Mostly work for cash and never Report them to the authorities .... ). NO ARAB IN THE WORLD HAS THESE OPPORTUNITIES IN HIS / HER COUNTRY that ARAB - ISRAELI'S HAVE IN ISRAEL!. AND SEE HOW THEY DO THANK THE LAND, THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN THOUGHT TO BE THANKFUL  AND SAY " ALHAMD O LALLAH " Instead of BEING HAPPY FOR THE ENEMIES' ATTACK TO THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES THAT THEY LIVE IN!!.David Fakheri - Los Angles

After killers confess to killing Palestinians teen, 
revealed to be ultra-Orthodox men, Haredi
 rabbis slam killers:

 'How can a person
 who believes in Torah 
kill an innocent person?'

Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers calling for revenge (Photo: AFP)
Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers calling for revenge
Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers pose with sign saying 'Bibi, let us annihilate the terrorists.'
Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers pose
 with sign
 saying 'Bibi, let us annihilate the terrorists.

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