TORH, HAFTARAH, 9.6.2014

"If a beautiful woman is taken captive in war,
 you may take her as your wife. However, you
 must wait a month before you take her, so that
 she may weep for her mother and her father. If you
 do not take pleasure in her, you must let her go as
 she wishes, and neither sell her for money, nor take
 advantage of her.


 * KI TETZE * 

Rav * KOOK * 

Torah Institute


Israel, likened to a barren woman,
is promised countless children.

The haftarah selectio
 is from Isaiah 54:1-10.
"In slight anger, for a moment,
I hid My face from you;
But with kindness everlasting
I will take you back in love."
(Isaiah 54: 8)

This heartfelt promise from God to Israel 
represents the overall message of reconciliation
 conveyed in this week’s haftarah.


Jewish scene

Photo: AFP
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Illustrative photo of a November 2012 pro-Israel rally held in front of the Erb Memorial Union (student Union) at the University of Oregon. (courtesy of Oregon Hillel)


Have A Beautiful Week
Shavua Tov
שבוע טוב

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