Torah and Haftarah November first 2014

تنـــــه   نـــــزن           טאנה  נאזאן     Tanehnazan

Sacrifice of Isaac
Kastel 1947

  • Sat, 1 November 2014
  • 8th of Cheshvan, 5775
  • ח׳ בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ה
  • 19th of Aban 1397
  • in Occupied Iran
Editor David Fakheri


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Abram and Sarai follow God's call 
to journey to Canaan, where the
 covenant between God and
 Abrahamis affirmed.
God said to Abram,
 "Go forth from your homeland to the
 land that I shall show you".
I will make of you a great nation and I 
will bless you and make your name great.
 I will bless those who bless you and curse
 those who curse you. 
All the families of the earth shall 
be blessed through you." More
The Caravan of Abram 
(watercolor circa 1896–1902 
by James Tissot)


Isaiah 40:27-41:16
God has not abandoned His people.

By the sixth century B.C.E., Israel had
 been in exile for decades, but Isaiah tells
 the people that God has not abandoned
 them, and is still concerned about their
 welfare. More  

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