Editor's Note 
David fakheri

 Obama in a lecture at American University
 8.5.15  accused Israel of being the only
 state in the world that doesn't accept 
the Iran Deal!.

Editor's Note
David fakheri

Obama in a lecture at American University 8.5.15 
 Israel of being the only state in the world that doesn't accept the Iran Deal!. 

Obama speaking at American University on Wednesday (Photo: AP)

Obama speaking at American University on Wednesday (Photo: AP)

In the past 2000 years the Jews in diaspora had been accused of every bad thing that has happened around them, and because of all those false accusations, crippled Anti semitic creatures found excuses to kill millions of Jews around the world.  

Confess Mr. Obama. 
what is your real and main reason to act so arrogant and ignorant and critical toward the Only Safe Place For The Jews. A place to live in without being afraid of to be burned again in the ovens under the silence of nations of the world.

like '' Jimmy Carter ''  you act in  a Fanatic, Anti-Semitic way?


It's continuing. Ex-President and obvious anti-Semite Jimmy Carter is back at his Goelbbelian campaign to demonize Israel ..... and, by extenuation, the Jewish State

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To Mr. Obama, King Abdullah was "a candid leader who had the courage of his convictions, including his passionate belief in the importance of the U.S.-Saudi relationship as a force for stability and security in the Middle East."

Should we laugh? Or cry? During Mr. Obama's six years, the always-turbulent Mideast has boiled over. Countries that were thought to be reliable allies of the U.S.—like NATO Member Turkey, like Egypt—have been moving farther away from their pro-American stance.
All the while, our relations with Israel, our only democratic ally in an increasingly tyrannical region, have never been worse. President Obama and Secretary Kerry will go out of their way to snub Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he comes here to address a Joint Session of Congress. They say it's because the March visit is too close to Israel's national elections. Suggestion, Mr. President: With respect, might you invite the other Israeli candidates to Washington for a visit? It might not be a bad time to point out that Israel has elections.
Doesn’t it bother you that this So called nuclear deal affects the only Jewish state in the world and may cause a Jewish Massacre in the future? 

How dare you to scare the people of Israel and the Jewish people around the world by siting and giving clues to the Mullahs regime in Iran by saying  '' if the congress won't pass the Deal with Iran the day after rockets will rain on Tel Aviv 

 ! You scared the Arab states who were so angry about this deal and refused to show up at camp David that they must be worried about the unhappy citizen of their own country more than worrying this deal !!!! They got your clue all right. They are worried now. But people of Israel are not used to be bullied. 
Do you really want to roll the dice on the existence of the Jewish State?
Do you really think if Netanyahu is replaced by any other leader (Either from the left or the right ) in Israel, they will stop caring about the existence of Israel?  And put your interests above their own survival? 

you really want to

roll the dice on the

 existence of the Jewish State?

President Barack Obama (Photo: MCT)
President Barack Obama (Photo: MCT)

You think if Netanyahu be replaced by any other leader ( leftist or rightist ) in Israel, they will change the policy of caring about the existence of Israel under your interests or the others like you?. I Recommend you To not to Play On the fall of the Jewish State's existence   It would be very bad and risky gamble anybody plays !. IT can Bring ( For Sure ) very unbelievable and unexpected consequences for the world !.

Israel's Jewish population is 74.9% in almost 7m
If you think that you are walking straight why are you so afraid of the Jews powers, Israel, Republicans and / or ?......Before the Holocaust, there were some 16.6 million Jews across the world. After the Nazis' mass extermination, only around 11 million Jews remained in 1945. Can you find any Jew  or any Fair Person in the world who desires to be witnessed of the same largest tragedy of the Human History that happened to the Jews in the Nazi's era again ?How You and Your Party can close your eyes on the fact that if ( God forbid ) any disaster happens to Israel or/and the Jews around the world because of your ignorance toward the Jews / Israel destiny and letting Israel's enemies to be so confident of themselves ( counting on your 100% support! ) to  Stand on the destruction of the State of Israel؟. being attacked by the fanatic Muslim regime of Iran because of Just signing a piece of paper announcing normalization with Devil after you've already sold Israel's security to him kNOWINGLY  that '' America can not defend Israel in any case! Especially from an Nuclear attack !. 
Mr. Obama if you are honest and clean, why should you be afraid of Israel and Netanyahu. If as you've announced that whole world is agree to Iran-Deal except Israel, then why are you trying to prove yourself and your party so hard?. Isn't it that there is something fishy is going on behind the doors like ''   The Iran-deal that you are trying so hard  to accomplish it, is not for the US interests but for a cruel regime's interests Like the Islamic Republic Of Iran which has the  Degradation of the citizens of America on its forehead and their blood on her hands!. Is it hard to believe?. 

And finally I have a message from my highly educated brother Mr. Dariush Fakheri to you as follows:

Mr. president let me leave you with this prayer that all the Jews recite every Saturday morning in synagogues, for their government, around the world.
The prayer for the government is a biblical prayer.
 The concept of praying for the wellbeing of the government was started in 586 B.C.E. by the prophet Jeremiah after the first expulsion of the Jews from Jerusalem. Seeing as the Jewish people could not govern themselves, they implored God to guide their foreign rulers. 
David Abudarham first introduced this prayer into the modern siddurim (prayer book) in the 14th century. The prayer is read aloud after the Torah reading, but before the Torah is placed back into the ark. 
And here it goes.
Our God and God of our ancestors, the One who inspires salvation, Source of life and power, may You bless and protect the leaders of our nation and all those who exercise authority in keeping with our laws. May the Holy One of Blessing bring strength to all who work in our communities on behalf of those who need our support, strengthening them both in body and in spirit, and rewarding their efforts with success.  May those in leadership act in accordance with the rabbinic insight that the truly strong are those who rise up the fallen; the truly honored are those who honor caregivers; and the truly wise are those who acknowledge the vital work of all our teachers.We turn to our leaders for inspiration and hope, direction and guidance. May they lead us in paths of peace, build communal cohesion through both word and deed, and bring about the blessing we pray for at the conclusion of each prayer service: May the One who brings peace on high, keeping fire and water in a delicate balance, bring peace and growing safety and prosperity to our world below.
And let us say: So may it be.

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