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" Los Angles Jews For Peace "
Join The Rally For Israel . This Coming Sunday 1 / 17 / 10 ,
from 2 to 4 P.M across from the Federal Building on Veteran and Wilshire 

Please forward this information to your Los Angeles friends:


Dear Friends of Israel,
Please join us this Sunday, January 17th from 2 to 4 P.M across from the Federal Building on Veteran and Wilshire.

The "Los Angeles Jews for Peace" is sponsoring an anti-Israel demonstration there.

Their theme is GAZA, on the anniversary of Israel's war against HAMAS.

Please bring Israeli and American flags, we will provide the signs.

Note that there are no bathrooms on this corner.

Please let us know if you can come by sending a note to:maya.rozov@standwithus.com
Please also forward this note to your friends.


  • Please BE PROFESSIONAL for Israel.
  • Please avoid signs that are offensive and will alienate press and passers by.
We will have enough signs with strong messages for you to hold, and you can choose from many messages.  Please return all signs and flags at the end of the rally.

  • Please follow police orders
  • Please don't engage the other side
  • Please avoid shouting epithets across the street.

They cannot hear you, and it really makes us all look like we are extremists or unreasonable...particularly since nobody can really understand what one or two people are should due to traffic and distance.

  • At no point should you stand in the street.
  • If you will talk to press, please be professional and only speak to them if you are very knowledgeable.

We will have designated people prepared to speak to the press, it would be better if you would please refer press to designated 

people who will be identified.


  • To get half of any media coverage that might show up.
  • To educate people about Israel's strategic threats, and Israel's right to defend its citizens.
  • To specifically educate people about Israel's war against Hamas.
  • To let the other side know that they will not have a free pass as they organize to attack Israel on the streets of Los Angeles.

We will bring educational materials about the Gaza War for distribution as well.

THANK YOU and we will look forward to seeing you this Sunday. Bring your friends!

Sponsored by StandWithUs and the Council of Israeli Community,           LA (CIC)

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